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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

***Penance, laughing***

Last night my friend CS and I saw Late Night Catechism II. Just like last week, we were quickly in stitches as the nun (played by a different actor) focused on the new topic: penance for one's sins. Some of the highlights:

  • Why an ex-nun (from the audience) was asked to leave the nunnery (i.e., got a little too friendly with the wine.)
  • Lots more Q & A.
  • Why it's better for all Christians that Jesus chose to die for humanity sins on the cross than be stung by bees.
  • The difference between gossip and too much gossip (the latter is a venial sin apparently.)
  • Why Frank Sinatra's burning, roasting, sizzling, etc.
  • Chutes and Ladders, Catholic-style.
  • Episcopalians: Catholics with Cash.

Several of the audience, including myself, noted LNC II felt more preachy than the first one. But it didn't matter: my face was aching when the show ended. And apparently my laugh was loud: several members of the audience came up to me and said I must have been really enjoying the show since they could hear me so well.

Overall, a great evening.


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