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Friday, March 11, 2005

***Week in retrospect***


I can't believe we're at the end of the first complete week in March. And it's been a busy week at that.

Remodeling continues to occur in our house. All the major fixtures are in except for the master bathroom which still needs the new cabinet and its appropriate appliances (e.g., sink, etc.) The new canned lights brighten the rooms considerably. I can't believe how good the black galaxy granite counter top looks on the central island in the kitchen. It will be amazing once the rest are installed.

Got to get the pics developed asap.

Saturday we're expecting our general contractor and counter-top contractor to arrive in the late morning for a pow-wow session. A repair person will be stopping by as well to take a look at our new oven/microwave as well. What is that sound...?

Moving on....

Finished my first week as a perm at work. Still getting used to it psychologically. It's funny. Most of the staff from the other departments thought I already was a perm. Once they found out (via e-mail), many have stopped by to congradulate me. I've ended the week by bringing donuts to work.

I get paid vacations and have already put in time for our July outing. I'm now waiting to hear back from our financial planner regarding what to do with my 401k once I receive it mid-year. Oh! And there's the issue about my stocks and trust to deal with. Sigh.

Been driving a lot this week. March 15th is the deadline to turn in corporate taxes. I've used my lunch hour to obtain the necessary forms which I then mail certified-return receipt. While last year was slow, we actually turned a (small) profit. We'd hope to really start working on our business this year but remodeling makes it very difficult with most of our stock inaccessible behind boxes and boxes of...stuff.

Speaking of finances, our outflow of our discretionary funds has stopped considerably since remodeling and the new car. Our only real major expenses are eating out. The latter, though, is our big social event: we're too tired and too preoccupied to do any other activities at the moment. Well, there goes our goal to socialize more with our family and friends. Hmmm. May be after June....


It's funny to state, but I have a "social" activity normally not shared with my spouse. I've been trying to get back to the gym and did so once this week. I enjoyed the two hour session with cardio the first 45 minutes and weights in second session. Less pleasant--of course---were ab work between the two classes. I can't believe the same instructor taught both classes back to back. Ugh. I have to get back in shape especially as the weather continues to get brighter and warmer. One of the perm perks at work is access to the gym room onsite. Hmmm. How will I shower, though? Is it time to stock on towelettes?

Reading and writing still continue to languish. I just started a new book with my friends G. and C. I know what to do about the writing: just make time and do it. Hmmm. Let me look at my schedule....

And on that note, have a great weekend!

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