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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

***Monday mulch***

Worked more on the plot for PD. The scenes flowed nicely together. However, I reached an impasse: after an orgy (really!), the main character (MC) arrived home and is now lying in bed (alone.) Now I'm debating where to go from here.

"A scene is to advance the plot or character." (paraphrase author Alex Sanchez and a host of others.)

Hit the gym yesterday at 1915. I wanted to attend a new class over at the Orange II gym but I would have had to rush to get there on time. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted a round of weight training in addition to cardio; I already take such a class Tuesday night.

The 1915 class, though, was tough enough. Not only the instructor pushed us but I got lost into the rhythm myself. This meant I didn't pace my breathing and grew winded, a sign that I still have not fully recovered from my cold.

Also, I got distracted by the well-toned, attractive, young (20-something) gym bunny (who was doing situps!) behind the plexiglass who kept oogling my classmates. Sigh.

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Progress continues in the house remodeling. All the major kitchen appliances are finished and the contractor's ready to demo the downstairs bathroom.


  • I understand with the house remodeling. We have lived here for 15 yrs. and we still have some things left to do. It's never ending! Good luck with yours.

    By Anonymous Keith, at 10:36 AM  

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