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Sunday, July 31, 2005

***One door closes, another opens***

Last Friday was the last day at my work. Today (Monday) is the beginning of, well, a beginning.

I love to write "To Do" list. (Doing the items is a different matter entirely.) To "celebrate" my first day of unemployment, I'm listing all the things I either need or want to do today:

  • Clear out and bring car to the shop to fix A/C. Priority 1.
  • Join sister for lunch. Priority 1.
  • Hit the gym. Priority 2.
  • Write on works-in-progress (WIPs). Priority 1.
  • Contact contractors about...things. Priority 1.
  • Contact the Employment Development Department (EDD) to apply for unemployment. Priority 2.
  • Housework. Priority 2.
  • Call parents. Priority 1.
  • Bills. (Ugh.) Priority 1.
  • Look for new job opps. Priority 3.
  • Follow up with previously applied job opps. Priority 2.
  • Contact agencies about job opps. Priority 2.
  • Bring suit to drycleaners. Priority 1.
  • Food shop. Priority 3.


  • A man with a plan :) You can't beat that! Sounds good!

    By Blogger Keith, at 11:32 PM  

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