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Monday, August 22, 2005

***Weekend Words***

Writing and fitness went out the proverbial window over the weekend. Saturday I babysat both my nephews while my sister and brother-n-law enjoyed couple time. R. and enjoyed our own time alone Sunday. We visited Laguna Beach, checked out the numerous cars over at the Carfaire, then dined at our favorite restaurant before going to sleep after midnight.


  • you always have links to restaurants. I"m always hungry reading the links. if I ever head out that way, you should draw up a words, weights, whatever dining map. :)

    By Blogger joe, at 3:37 PM  

  • That would be a way to get publicity. Joel's Food Guide (and Fantasy RPG Tips). Hack, slash, and eat.

    By Blogger Leon, at 3:49 PM  

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