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Monday, August 08, 2005

***Weekend words***

The Spouse was on-call all weekend and spent Sunday up in the valley with relatives. Thus, much solo time for me:

  • Hit the gym for cardio Saturday morning. I (re)learned two things: I'm in worse shape than I thought and I need coffee in the morning.
  • Visited the Carfaire. Twice (once on Saturday and once on Sunday). Saw no less than three high-end Jags and lots of SUVs (I wonder why).
  • I virtually knew no one at my favorite restaurant. This is sad.
  • I've been trying to pick up the latest books from John Maddox Roberts, Holly Lisle, and Sheila Viehl but only found one (Afterburn.) All the rest were horribly (by my standards) mangled. Grrr.
  • Finally bought new workout shoes. With the way I (used to) work out, you don't want to work out in shoes past their expiration date.
  • Finished Harlan's Race.
  • Never try to write while sitting at the same table with someone who's attractive enough to be a model. And it was worsened because another similar appearing individual sat nearby and right at the corner of my peripheral vision. (And, no, my writing session was not productive.)


  • Re: shoes past their expiration date... I know! It's ridiculous isn't it the price of these things! I paid $85 for a pair of running shoes in the spring which are just about used up now! Like you said, you know when you need new ones though...

    By Blogger Keith, at 9:09 AM  

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