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Thursday, August 11, 2005

***Wednesday Workings***

I had an interview Wednesday morning. The job is a long-term temp position with an almost obscene pay. I had decidingly mixed feelings after the interview, though. The client will be making a decision within the next couple of weeks and both my agency and myself will be keeping a close on this opportunity.

Probably because of my feelings, I didn't do much afterwards. Just munched and hung out on the Internet until The Spouse arrived home. We went to The Block to see Madagascar but arrived to late. So we lazily walked about then headed home. I napped as R. worked. We ended the evening watching anime for the first time in months.


  • Well, I hope they offer you the position. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    By Blogger Greg, at 9:55 AM  

  • Good luck with the whole jobby thing! :~)

    By Blogger Christian, at 6:58 AM  

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