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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Scattered in the Thought

It's funny. I blog full-time for a living. I have so many articles to choose from that I get frustrated when I finish my daily 12-15 posts and easily have three times more material I could cover.

Yet it's always difficult to determine what to write about in this blog. Do I discuss my daily activities like a journey (i.e., I did this, then did this....) or do I describe my emotional state? Focus at what I hope is a particularly interesting event or opinion? Or just put up a pic of half-naked people and see what happens to my readership?

My mind works in such a manner. I know my thoughts stream and dart in my head like a feeding frenzy. I especially realize the fact when I'm under the laughing gas at the local dentistry: I can literally count the number of thoughts between each breath. It's amazing, and it explains those folks who can carry on several conversations simultaneously (or the average mother and her 2.5 brood.)

I think that's why Zen appeals to me. Zen teaches one to be "in the moment", where you're nothing between each breath, just existing. Thoughts, accompanying emotions, and vice versa, flit in and out like being surrounded by beggars. It's up to you, though, to reach out and grasp their relentless hands. Only when I just let them pass by me like bad gas do I finally get to my center and be with my breath. Or my breath be me.

Can you tell I recently read a book on Zen? Here's the answer to the good-old chicken and the egg dilemma: the chicken IS the egg.


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