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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seventeenth Hour


That's how I feel every summer. I've noted the feeling for some time now; making a mental note where my eyes look, what my thoughts are, and where my hands go (over The Spouse, of course).

Is it the sun? Nah. See that pretty much every day here in SoCal. Food? Or the number of good-lookin' folks suddenly shedding as much clothing as decently possible to enjoy the former while avoiding the latter? I think it's both factors plus hormones and lots of it.

So, where am I going with this post? I enjoy the feeling. There would have been a time I would have mentally suppressed them, thinking that I had issues with my relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, it's an entirely different matter if I acted on said emotions. The feeling though...is just a feeling. Like the wind, the surf, and indigestion, the feeling, too, shall past.
Carpe Diem (seize the day)

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  • I think it's the increased light. I get that feeling when Spring arrives.

    By Blogger TECH, at 8:09 AM  

  • tech: that's definitely possible.

    By Blogger Joel, at 2:40 AM  

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