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Thursday, October 03, 2002

At work.

Progress on my writing today. More than three pages and completed a chapter. Yeah.

My cynical view of human nature was reassured today while, simultaneously, my optimistic side diminished. A group of high school kids were gathered at the table behind me. While working on their homework, one girl expressed loudly her dislike of Asians. This included the apparently half-Asian, half-Caucasian boy sitting in the group. I was saddened as the discussion reminded me when I had been teased as a child. It seems that my view that humanity is more willing to applaud prejudices than learning about each other; "this is my fu*&$# opinion and I don't really care about your stupid feelings".

I am willing to listen to different views. But discourtesy gets my defenses immediately up. Courtesy is a losing art as humanity grows more willing to hurt and/or first, understand (and apologize. Maybe) later.


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