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Friday, August 13, 2004

Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, oh my!

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    • I submitted my resume for another city job. Different city. Wish me luck in two months!
    • At work, my fellow co-workers were beginning to panic about what would happen when my assignment ended. They then realized they didn't know what was my last day. One approached me and I told her: Friday, August 20th. We discussed the date and she mentioned that maybe the other departments will ask for me to temp. I thought about her comment after she left and contacted my agency. "No," the recruiter said. "There's currently no order. But let me check." Later the admin of another department came over and asked about my assignment ending. She then asked if I'd be willing to cover for her when she went on vacation. When she gave me the dates and time (one week, part-time) I said I had no prob. She thanked me. Minutes later I received a call from my agency to finalize arrangements.
    • I then realized I had not asked about my rate and called the agency back. Unfortunately, my rate will be considerably lower. I mulled about cancelling the job but remembered one of the reason I accepted the offer was to build good-will. I discuss the issue with R. after leaving work and we both agreed that, for such a short-term assignment, this was a good option. Now I'm going to have to change my original plans while I was "off" between jobs....
    • Interesting. Both my friends JE and BN (JE's ex) called. I called both back and am beginning to pierce what happened between the two of them. Have to plan now when to get together with each separately for social events and to get the lowdown.

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      • Despite working out Monday night for the first time in weeks (see Way) and going to bed around 1:00 AM in the morning, I woke up around 3:30 AM and found it hard to go back to sleep. Grrr.
      • I suffered badly throughout the day at work. And they actually had me doing work. The nerve! Nap that evening helped a lot.
      • Met my friends GC and CS that evening. Had good talks on a variety of subjects. Few things of important: revelation how happy I am to be a "geek" and we're planning to form a "book discussion group" among the three of us. Selection process to begin next Tuesday. Now, what four books to recommend....

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      • I was nearly late for work today. May not seem much but there were...issues...in the past (which I'll discuss at another time. Again, keeping the goodwill and all that.)

      • Parents arrived in San Diego. Yikes! Lot earlier than I expected. Will have to coordinate with my sibs on when to meet them on Friday (which I have an off day.)

      • Today's was R.'s half-day at work. That meant getting back into Orange County (we don't call it The OC) around 4 PM instead of 11 PM. Normally we would go out for din-din but both of us were not in the mood: R.'s feeling down about work and it looks like the radiator in my car sprung a leak. Sigh. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow....

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      • Busy, busy, busy. And you even managed to finish reading a novel. Balancing the right rate/job with keeping your profile in the right minds is "fun" isn't it. When I worked security I took shifts, and locations I didn't need (or want) just to keep a good reputation. cheers.

        By Blogger Leon, at 8:56 AM  

      • Ahhh. A full meal of blogging. That's what I like to see. No humphs this time, just a burp or two.

        By Blogger TECH, at 8:59 AM  

      • I don't know how you can keep track of your days. Mine is the same thing everyday. I can practically do everything from driving to work to coming back home with my eyes closed. Well ... that's a little bit too brazen now :D

        By Blogger GrooveTheory, at 2:56 PM  

      • my days are full of tracking "cover your ass" work-related incidents. i can't even remember what i had for lunch, but i have that email sent by my manager from august 2003 confirming some "incident" that was entirely on her ass. & not on mine.

        good luck with the job search and the good will job hunting!

        By Blogger joe, at 9:19 PM  

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