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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Thursday and Friday Funnies (and not so funny....)

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Work felt...strange...today. It would have been my last day at this assignment except the client asked to extend it until next week (August 20th). It was my call, of course, and I said yes. I do like the place and the work for the most part.

But I'm ready to leave for a little while. Still need to get the flooring down at the house. And by sheer coincidence there are a ton of book-signings after the 20th (e.g., McCaffrey, Wheaton, etc.)
And I'll be back to this assignment the week after (September) for another department for a week. Yay! And if some...seeds...sprout (details to follow) I may have a perm job at the beginning of October.

Go a call at work from the garage. My car's ready. Unfortunately I don't leave work until after 6 PM and the garage closes at 5:30 PM. Sigh. Well, I'm off tomorrow.

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Oh just frickin' lovely!

Before I left to pick up my car I received a call from an agency I joined back in April. The client I had previously interviewed is looking for a third technical writer for a four-month (minimum) assignment. And they're willing to pay even higher than the first time I interviewed with them. (We're talking in the gross $50k range here, baby.)

Do I accept? There's that possible perm job in October (or, gawds forbid, even in late September). Pays far less but it's far closer (and I'd be off every other Friday). And my current client has asked if I'll be available for future assignments.

And, of course, I'm still trying to convince R. to make me a house husband ;-)

Decisions, decisions....

Grabbed a bite to eat after picking up my car. The server and I hadn't seen each other in a while and he gave me an incredible summary of his currently relationship. Humph. LDS dating a JW. There's plenty of fodder for a book (or several books) in that!

Picked up my comic books. I hope to get to read them by next week. Sigh.

Napped a bit a home before gathering clothes to drop off at the drycleaners . Dropped them off and made it to my sister's place in San Diego in two hours. (Damn traffic).

The weather was actually hot. And sticky. And my sister's place was small. But it was great to see her and her bf, my other sister and her kids (hubbie still at work in L.A.), and my parents. The restaurante we had lunch...well, my standards have changed. But we had a great time overall.

Because of the location, I drove down to Hillcrest afterwards and walked around. R. called me enroute and we chatted a bit.

Checked out all the bookstores but found nothing. And I couldn't believe how humid was the air. I finally stopped at one of our favorite coffeeshop to much on a coffeecake while I watched the (few) beefcake pass by. Thankfully the traffic was light heading home.

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