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Friday, September 03, 2004

It's all about...well...me!

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Short entry today (for me, that is).

Madonna sang, "get into groove, baby" and that's how I felt today about work. Enough busy stuff to keep me from getting bored and, better yet, more accepting co-workers. Will miss this feeling when the assignment ends next Tuesday. (But no work next Wednesday. Yeah!)

Oh! Partially due to boredom and partially to get out of the building, I decided not to wait until tomorrow and ate out today. Not a good thing: I can feel my weight increasing. Maybe I should stop ordering fried california rolls.

Spent a lot of time on-line during breaks at work and when I got home. Increased the number of links on this blog and over at Tribe.net. (Called friends.) Added truefresco. And made a slight change on how the posts are shown on all three blogs. Otherwise, ate and read. Ah, paradise.


Work was busy but I had enough time during break and lunch to look over old posts of my blog. Did I really write this on my relationship?

I'm currently riding one of the crests in my life. As is my manner, I'm considering my future goals to strive by year's end, next year, five and ten years. There are a lot and, like I did in the past, I'll be using this blog to assist me in achieving them.

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Not much more tonight. Later!


  • Good thing you put truefresco at the bottom of your blog. Then it won't interfere with your side bar. I might experiment with blogtricks as it seems to be less disruptive. I'll mention it if I do.

    I have to add Tribes.net and so much more to my links page.

    By Blogger Leon, at 2:07 AM  

  • Do you have a method that you use to set goals? I'm interested in goal setting as it's something I fail at.

    By Blogger TECH, at 8:16 AM  

  • RE: "do you have a method..."

    Yeah. And my blog(s) play a role in them. I'm planning to upload the post shortly.

    By Blogger Joel, at 8:35 AM  

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