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Sunday, October 22, 2006

People Perverseness

I originally planned to write no less than three posts Friday night and I'm amazed I did even one. First, I neally attended the 10th anniversary of Super Street Magazine up in L.A. Who wouldn't want to see the debut of 10 hot models (and we're not talking about cars here.) But I resisted and made it to the coffeeshop with plenty of time.

Unfortunately, I sat with one of the regulars. She's a law student and loves chatting about her career field as much as Paris Hilton loves the red carpet. We made idle chitchat throughout the night but I was able to resist any lengthy discussions until around 2200. Things went pleasantly downhill from there as we discussed the law system to legal ramifications of cloning by companies. (IMO, don't do it.) I didn't get home unti 1 AM and didn't turn off the lights until 3 AM.

Saturday I woke bright and early as R. prepped to deal with point of law issue. I watched as my niece was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church (American edition, of course.) She was a trooper, never fussing or crying during the hour plus ceremony. Even the priest seemed impressed. Afterwards I joined everyone for a typical flip meal (i.e., more than ten times the food necessary to feed the combined U.S. armed forces) before returning behind the Orange Curtain for R.R. D & D. On the latter, I'm learned a lesson that while I, naturally, will not touch a hair of another player, my PC is currently planning some devious methods of bloody torture on their character.

Sunday's the beginning of the final push as my sister's wedding approaches next month. I already see our finances plummetting in the before, during, and after return festivities of clothing, meals, and tours. I'll try to post during the time but should have plenty of pics to post once we get back.

Is it Friday yet?


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