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Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend Words

Saturday we headed to Long Beach to attend LB Pride,
the first of the upcoming Pride events soon to sweep
across the nation. We've been attending the festival
for nearly fourteen years, now, with few breaks. (I've
been attending longer.)

Weather was hot, sky was blue, and the cool ocean
breeze made walking the park perfect. Though R. pined
for the jewelry, we had made more than enough
mega-purchases at this year's Renfaire. Instead, we
came away with a new cap and T-shirt.

We bumped into folks we haven't seen in a while. M. &
E. were the first. They hadn't attended the festival
in three years. J., of the (long-ago) J. and B.,
pairing, manned the tennis booth. S., from A/PC,
worked the ski booth. And finally, C., whom we haven't
seen in years, was looking for his friends. It was a
day of reacquaintances and--in some way--regret, as
everyone voiced the demise of A/PC.

Afterwards we dined at Cafe Piccolo.

We originally planned to attend Renfaire on its
closing day. R., though, had a stab of conscience and,
instead, did office work. I took the opportunity to
update my laptop including a new account. Evening was
spent watching anime: Tactics followed by Detective
Conan. R., though, voiced people's increasing
stupidity made it harder to deal with work.

Here's hoping for a fun three-day weekend.


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