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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ah, the things one does for one's spouse.

I got The Spouse to like fast food, specifically Del Taco. This is a result of my role-playings and coming home past midnight. You see, the only eatery (I hesitate to use that term) enroute home is a Del Taco drivethru.

Thus, you can imagine the line. Cars, SUVs, and in-betweens, filled with (primarily) bored high school and strung-up college students, all of us waiting for our turn at the disembodied voice to ask us (in a heavy Spanish accent): "please wait." Argh!

Then double that. One time they forgot my drink. Too exhausted to be angry, I went back into the line and waited as the teens in front of me pretended to be American Idol contestants. Course, they sounded more like rejects. I did flag one staff down as he was taking out the trash so that I received my drink quickly when I drove up to the all-too familiar window.

Anyway, enough background. I recently discovered the local Taco Bell to be a much shorter wait (i.e., no line). Unfortunately, The Spouse prefers Del Taco.

So what's a spouse to do? Sigh. I hope the line's not long tonight.
Carpe Diem (seize the day)

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