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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A to Z about...well...ME!

Clever idea I picked up from here:

A is my age: 35. (I didn't forget this time, Movie Lit!)
B is for bicycling which I haven't done since college. (Accidents make one fearful...)
C is for comic books which I've been collecting since high school.
D is for dessert, which is one of my few weaknesses.
E is for exercise, which is my viagra of choice.
F is that I' m flexible. (Take that as you will, you perv's.)
G is for G-strings. Hmmm. Why did someone invent butt floss?
H is for handsome which I look when in a suit or tie, thank you very much.
I is for Islands, one of my favorite restaurants.
J is the first letter of my real first name, my nickname, and both sisters' first names. Sigh.
K is for karate, which I took back in college and want to resume...some day.

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L is for love, whom I've been married to for nearly eleven wonderful years.
M is Mom. 'Nuf said.
N is for 'nice", which my best friend once described me. (Rest in piece, bro.)
O is that offer to be a househusband. I'm still waiting....
P are the promises, " 'til death due us part" and "faithful", which are rare in my community.
Q is for quantity: good food, sex, and books, and not necessarily in that order.
R is for Romano's Macaroni Grill, a fave place to eat.
S is for sleep which I prefer ten hours a night if possible.
T is the torture suffered while waiting for the next Naruto episodes. Arrgh!
U is for underwear (boxers).
V is for viagra, which apparently would be useless for me.
W is wondering when this list will be over.
X is for the X-men, which are still my fave superfolks.
Y is for yellow, which was the colour of my first car. (Never had probs finding it back in college.)
Z is for the Zhodani, who were cool. (Yes, I played Traveler.)


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