Words, Weights, Whatever

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I have not yet decided if I want my blogger to reflect my daily/nightly "babble" or if I want to write statements of profound importance. In either case, both reflect virtual states of an illusionary mind.

We've scheduled the weekends, Monday, Wednesdays, and (possibly) Friday nights as quality time together. We did housework on Monday. Tonight we'll be watching a movie. We have not yet decided on Friday. I hope to put some writing time in the evening.

We traditionally reserve Saturday to spend together all day. Usually Sunday morning as well.

How do I feel about all this time together? I consider it the foundation I immerse my life. When everything else goes haywire, I remind the calm waters which we both pour and share between ourselves. And while there may be ripples on occasion with our relationship (if there weren't, I'd be really worried), it's our shared pool.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Still around. Just haven't been updating my blogger. Debating if I should just ramble or write an entry that is interesting.

Still debating.

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