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Monday, February 05, 2007

Nearly forgot...

On Sunday, I received news that my sister JaA (now JF) may be preggy.

Kewl! Can't wait until the doctor confirms the home tests.

Weekend Words

The Spouse was on-call during the day, so I spent mytime lounging around in the bed...er...recovering from

Friday night's DnD game. Wow. Speaking of the latter, it would have been total TPK except my PC, in extremist, declared he was willing to serve the uber-monsters that were destroying our party.

Unfortunately, I failed the needed Diplomacy check which, later, left my character hanging on a meat hook. (Yeah, yeah, Texas Chainsaw and all that.)

The other players, expecting TPK, were giggling like grrrls from my unexpected choice. Two made a deal with the devils (literally) which tasked them to destroy a
monster that was bugging them. Uh, oh. They failed, of course, but only survived to make it as NPCs after making another deal with another creature.

Thus, my PC is the only one of our party to survive and will form the next low-level group. Huh. Wonder if the DM knew I was thinking of quitting his game.

Well, the above was Friday. Saturday I checked out some book and hobby stores, then started work on our budget. Same on Sunday.

Overall, a relaxing weekend.

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