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Friday, September 26, 2003

Prism winners....

Prism Award Winners Named

The 2003 Prism Award winners for science fiction and fantasy romance novels published in 2002 were announced in association with the Romance Writers of America national conference, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Web site reported.

New rpg review....

A review of A Magical Medley:

Magical Medley: a great gaming resource for any system!

Just reading through A Magical Medley gave me more ideas for games than I can easily accomplish.

The day so far....

Personal, writing, fitness:
I forgot to mention that, on Wednesday, I joined many groups on Yahoo! I'm hoping the messages will encourage and remind me of my goals.


Personal, writing:
Grrr. Stopped by the coffeeshop and discovered it was virtually empty, an opportune time to write. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my laptop.

That's it. I'm leaving a pad of paper and pencils in my car.

Worked on chest in the afternoon and cardio class in the evening. Found out there's not a regular instructor for the class. I like it, actually. Since Thursday is my "set" cardio class during the week, the rotating instructors will provide variety.

Weird at work. Something happened after yesterday (Wednesday). I described it to R. as "something's missing." Everyone is cordial(sp?), but I felt I lost something. What's more scary, though, is that I don't care.

Another result, one which I have mixed feelings, is my job duties. I have been assigned to work on our department's handbook as my primary task.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

So far....


Here are some cool articles:

E-paper may offer video images
19:00 24 September 03
NewScientist.com news service

A dramatically simple idea may finally make "electronic paper" displays a realistic prospect. If so, animated versions of a newspaper could, one day, be unfurled like a roller-blind on a flexible wireless display.


Better nurse training means fewer deaths
By Steve Mitchell
Medical Correspondent
Published 9/23/2003 5:32 PM
View printer-friendly version

WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- The ongoing nursing shortage in the United States has forced some hospitals to rely on nurses with less than a college education as they scramble to fill vacancies but new research suggests the practice can yield deadly consequences for patients.


Half-day today for R. Will be interesting to see if leave early to come home or just work and leave office at regular time.

Bit irritated. One of my co-workers feels peezed at the food one of my co-workers brought in. Normally this wouldn't bother me except she thinks I brought the food in. Reason? Donuts (see below).

I've been aware for some time that several co-workers don't like the fact that I've brought donuts to work and have been hinting for me to stop it. Grrr. For office politics, I'm having to seriously consider it since I work with a lot of these folks. I personally believe in self-control but there are other...views...about the issue.


Made it to cardio class with plenty of time. One of the regulars just finished chemo for breast cancer. First case was seven years ago; the latest case is a new form and more aggressive. Yikes! I wish her the best.

Visited G. and C. at The Center Orange County. Had a blast talking about books. While driving home, I realized I was content for the first time in a while. I have everything I want: love (from a wonderful spouse); housing; clothing; plenty of food; and enough cash that--if I seriously wanted something--I can purchase it.

Spoke with parents while visiting friends (see Friends). Overall, they're doing fine though Dad says he's sick.

SF updates....

New Lost in Space? Enterprise now Trek...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

At 1726....

Ate so much during the mid-morning that I barely touched my late-afternoon meal. That means lots for din-din!

Sibling, son:
Jan provided Dad's work e-mail address. I'll send him a message....

Busy at work this afternoon. Lots of docs to review.

Hitting the gym tonight. I can't wait, especially the way I ate today.

Joined a fitness group on Yahoo (Groups). Gotta actually provide an essay. Whoa. They're serious. That's a good thing.

Joined the reading group suggested by G. Hope it helps me with my goals. I'll THINK about joining another's writing group....

So far....

I've got to rethink my Housework goal. Morning are just so not me. Maybe start slow, instead. Housework in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays?

Currently reading two books: Best of Leigh Brackett and Biggle, Jr. Worldmenders. Both are actually quite good. Reading more of the former than the latter at the moment. Hmmm. Maybe I'll alternate and read Best... in the morning and Worldmenders in the evening. I'll start tonight by reading at least a chapter of World. I've already read a couple of scenes in Best of....

Writing more at work than my own stuff. Scheduled, though, for tomorrow evening. Yeah! And Friday as well since we're not going to Magic Mountain. Whew! I was so not looking forward to that drive.

Oh, my. Had a polish sausage and hashbrown sandwich, fried porkskins, and rice pudding. For a mid-morning snack. Yikes! I haven't eat anything like this for YEARS.

And I'm going out for lunch today. Yow!

Fortunately I'm hitting the gym today. Cardio. Yeah!

Got an order. Yeah! R. will process the paperwork tonight and--maybe--even the book. I, of course, will handle the mailing.

Got to gather the requested materials for the financial planners. Sigh. Looks like Wednesday at the earliest.

Oh! Rosh Hoshanah(sp?) this Friday. I've been invited. The drive, though, is a bit prohibitive. (Though Magic Mountain--after work--would have been worse.)

Still pissed off at my mother. Grrr....

Visiting G. and C. tonight at The Center Orange County.

See Personal.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Today so far....

Hit the gym this afternoon. Shoulders. Three exercises. I'm pleased :)

Hitting the gym again after work. Arms followed by cardio (step). Gonna try out those new shoes.

Whew! Finally slowed down. Worked on docs.

Lots of stuff to do this week, many of which have deadlines. Still suffering doubts about Magic Mountain this Friday. Will discuss with R. How about a day/night trip to San Diego instead?

Parents called yesterday as we were heading out to din-din. Mom just hung up on me when I told her. Weird. Instant anger and irritation told me she's playing those stupid attention games again. Sigh. I don't know which is worse: that she did it or that I nearly fell for them.

Horror Channel is coming....

Horror Channel In Works

Well, good. Unfortunately a lot of that stuff winds up on SciFi which is quite irritating since the genres are distinct.

Primates don't like unfair either....

Fairness In Nonhuman Primates

Well, DUH. Humans had to get it from somewhere. Evolution--for the most part--tends to work on material already established within a species. Massive mutations tends to be lethal with very few exceptions (e.g., mitochondria; quantum leap in human intelligence; etc.)

Today so far....

Personal, housework:
Well, I've started some stuff this morning. Cleared the dishes from the dishwasher and started a load of laundry (whites). Put them in the dryer before I left for work.

Gotta keep myself from panicking from all the stuff that has to be done this week. Course, most of it is in my head....

Fairly busy this morning. Stuff that's going on, though, that makes me wonder--again!--if this is the place for me.

Read LOTS of blogs today. Eek.


Looks like we have an order. I forwarded the message to R.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Deryni rpg


It's almost out! The Deryni Adventure Game

To Do this week
Tentative schedule for this week:

Sunday, September 21st:
Check lotto.
Write: At least two hours.
Fitness: cardio: step (Tustin): 0815-0915.
Housework: At least one hour.
Food shop:

Monday, September 22nd:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: shoulders (Tustin): 1330-1430.
Fitness: weights: arms (Fullerton): 1900-1900.
Fitness: cardio: step (Fullerton): 1930-2030.

Tuesday, September 23rd:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Lunch out: 1330-1430.
Pay bills: 1330
Fitness: cardio: step (Tustin): 1830.
Visit Greg and Clark at The Center Orange County: 2000.
Take out trash: 2200.

Wednesday, September 24th:
Write: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: legs (Tustin): 1330-1430.
Pick up comic books: 1815.
Write: 1930-2100.

Thursday, September 25th:
Housework: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: back (Tustin): 1330.
Fitness: cardio: step (Fullerton): 1915.

Friday, September 26th:
Write: 0715-0815.
Fitness: weights: chest (Tustin): 1330.
Pay bills:
Magic Mountain: 1930 to Saturday, September 27th, 0100.

Saturday, September 27th:
Meet with financial advisors: 1100.
Write: At least two hours.
Housework: At least one hour.


Not fearful connecting my laptop to the Internet, I worked on getting the machine up to snuff for the past couple of hours. E-mail's working; got protection software up; downloaded Inspiration for a trial run; and other little things. Oh: and I changed the name of my blogger from "Words and Weights" to "Words, Weights, Whatever." Why? The latter is for the "other" (but no less important) things in my life like my spouse, family, friends, and getting the house organized. (I'm debating about changing the URL from "joela.blogspot.com" to "wordsweightswhatever.blogspot.com as well. Hmmm. That could be a bit long. How about "www.blogspot.com"? Something for thought....

Watch the first episode of "Six Feet Under." Wow.

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