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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Random for the Day

Stuck In 85

Ah, a 'happy' blog as opposed to 'life sucks' blogs. Gettin' rare these days!

Other Side of the Stethoscope

Some of the more...interesting...situations that my spouse has encountered over the years as a physician:

Patient refused life-saving surgery because the scar would interfere with her bikini line.

Patient, who had a curable stage lung cancer, refused surgery because he didn't want a scar on his chest. (He died within a year.)

Patient, who had cancer, refused standard medical therapy, opting instead to go to a guru while researching alternative, holistic therapies. The patient later returned when the cancer--which was initially curable by surgery--had progressed to terminal stage.

Friday, July 02, 2004


One of the reason I took my current temp assignment is the client's office is closed every other Friday. Today was that Friday (which also gives me a four-day holiday).

I woke up my usual time and made our coffee's while R. prepared for work. I debated about an early morning workout (cardio) but decided to relax. Maybe I'll grab an afternoon class, I thought and later checked the gyms' schedules for availability.

R. left for work, an hour and a half trek. Fortunately traffic was still light. I went on-line and read the news while sipping coffee. R. finally called, safely arriving at work.

I didn't immediately jump out of bed. Read a little more and listened/watched a music DVD. Then prepped for the day:

Lunch down at Cheesecake Factory. Picked up my paycheck from the temp agency. Stopped by the bank twice to make deposits and a withdrawal for this weekend. Picked up the two-weeks worth of comic books. Haircut. Oh! Picked up a new cellphone to replace my ailing old one.

Returning home prove to be the downfall. I shouldn't have laid down to read. I realized a couple of hours later that I had fallen asleep. Ugh.

R. called and asked if I'd like to meet for a late din-din. I said sure. Drove up to the local hobby store to see if there were any new interesting role-playing supplements. Picked up a couple and headed home. R. arrived an hour later and we dined at Romano's. (It had been a while.)

Productive and restful day? Yeah.

*Hrrr. Blogger's been acting up all day and night. Getting lots of 'The page cannot be displayed' screens.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

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the gaze

hu? i rembr bein dis aje but not quite so...bord.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Eleven years ago

R. and I met on this day eleven years ago at an ice cream social. I proposed six months later on December 15th, 1993.


Random for the Day

The Secret Life of Shoes

With a title like that...


Last night was a lost opportunity. Spouse on-call (and gone all night); didn't meet friends due to personal business. This confluence of fortune left six good hours of quiet. And what did I do with the time? Nap and watch DVDs. Aargh!

Have another opportunity tonight. Spouse will be dead to the world (see Whatever below.) I won't blow it this time. No DVDs until after I'm done with the writing.

Just great. No breakfast this morn and they served last night's cake at work. Of course I'm forced to eat a slice!

Oh! Per Marcy's request in Comments:

One hundred pounds for first five feet. Add five pounds per every inch after five feet. Add/subtract ten percent of total depending on larger/smaller body frame. Then add ten pounds for American diet.

Spouse had two admits at the hospital last night, losing six hours of sleep. Will be comatose for the rest of the afternoon and this evening. I'll use the time to write.

Random for the Day

You Live Once!

Nice. Entries are interesting, short, and succinct. And I like the blogger's quote in his About Me: reflects my own attitude towards life.

Link of the Day

My 4-Year-Old's First RPG

An interesting thread of a father introducing his son to role-playing games.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Nada except these blog entries. Grrr. That's going to change. I'm off this Friday and next Monday. May also have all day Saturday; R. has to catch up on some work.

Still reading Dragon Weather by Lawrence Watt-Evans. Should be done by week's end.

Reading sections of the Eberron Campaign Setting. Debating if I want to review it.

The step instructor slammed us through her step program last night. She's taught it for the past three weeks. I had no problem executing the moves but had to stop several times. Apparently my diet's leaving me with less energy than usual. But I was able to actually perform the plank this time!

I'm debating if I want to start weight-training tonight or even this week. Coupled with weight-training is if to return to consuming protein shakes and using supplements again.

Clothes continue to stay loose. Oh! Here's the formula R. uses on patients to provide a rough estimate for ideal body weight:

For men*:
105 pounds for the first five feet; 6 pounds per inch after five feet. Add/subtract 10% of the total for larger/smaller body frame. R. then adds ten pounds to the total for American patients.

Since I'm six feet tall with a large body frame, my ideal weight is around 205. Hmmm. I currently weigh 206. Not too shabby. My goal is to try to drop it to 200 pounds but at 10% body fat. (My current percentage is around 15%.)

*DON'T use this formula for women. It's different. I do have the formula if anyone is interested.

R.'s been having a rough month. We're at the "time for another job?" point. My current opinion: only start to look seriously if this point last more than three months.

Our 11th "first meeting" anniversary is tomorrow. What will I get? What will I do? Ah! Cards and flowers: R. loves flowers. And a massage. I'll give a foot massage. Better get coffee ready. R. loves foot massages (and back massages and....)

Haven't done any more cleanup of the house since I started work again. I'll have to schedule time.
Sigh. Who'd think it'd be so easy to clutter up a 3000+ square foot home in seven years? Course, there are the 8000 plus books. I blame it mainly on R.: I'm not (much) of a packrat. Well, okay. Maybe the hundreds of role-playing supplements are a bit much. And my piles of comic books. And the stacks of fitness mags (one stack is nearly six feet in height.)
Hmmm. There was a reason I ordered the extra recycle bin.

R. will be off next Monday as well. We haven't finalized our plans yet. Only things definite are to see the new Spiderman movie and to eat out. Oh, and watch DVDs, of course. Haven't been invited to any holiday parties/events at the moment. If we are, we'll have to decide if we'll attend. R.'s really enjoying the alone time together of late. Personally, I think it's a side-effect of seeing so many nasty patients five days a week (and let's not add on-call time.)
Hmmm. It's been a while since we've visited the Huntington Library up in San Marino. Maybe we'll trek over there either Sunday or Monday.

Link of the Day

Scientists find cure for hiccups

Monday, June 28, 2004

Random for the Day

Tarnished Angel



For all those who have multiple blogs or have thought of creating them:

I'm debating of splitting Words, Weights, Whatever, into three blogs: "Words" would discuss my writing efforts; "Weights" would cover my fitness goals; and "Whatever" would remain the current blog.

What's your opinion?

Random for the Day

booze and boys

Ah, the intensity of youth. Thankfully one (usually) grows out of it.

Sunday, June 27, 2004


After waking up late, we drove down to the Spectrum for lunch. Walked afterwards before returning home where we watched anime most of the evening.


Woke up by noon. We lounged around in bed before, buttressed by coffee, crawled out of the comfortable sheets. I grabbed a quickie shower and ran errands while R. did some work. We then drove out to Sears and placed our order for the new refridgerator. R. also bought some new shoes.

Lunched at Maggiano's. Service was slow but picked up. Food was incredible. We drove back home, our bellies stuffed. I collapsed into a food-induced "coma" for at least an hour while R. did more work.

We joined my sisters and their beaus for dinner. Not good: R. and I were still full from our late lunch. Gamely we ate the huge number of courses: two types of cheese, different meats, and the two desserts. Conversation was light and full of laughter, making the trip worthwhile overall.

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