Words, Weights, Whatever

Thursday, March 25, 2004


Got to get ready for work but here's an update so far...

More thinking than writing the past couple of days. Not satisfied with the results; looks really comic-bookish. Will continue to 'play' with the climax scenes.

Still reading The Lightless Kingdom. Aargh. No offense to the writer, but while the idea's sound, the execution...leaves something to be desired. ENOUGH OF THE FLASHBACKS!

Submitted resumes last night. Now I've got to keep myself from tearing apart worrying. Got a VERY informative reply to my query about how to become a fitness instructor.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Current read

I'm currently reading The Lightless Kingdom, the second of the Unbalanced Earth trilogy by Jonathan Wylie. I'll post reviews shortly. What I can say at the moment is there is a sharp contrast between writing styles of the two books: I almost suspect an editor's hand.

"His" books are currently out of print (OOP).

ConDor continued

Saturday was the big day. We arrived relatively early. We attended numerous seminars with my favorite being an interview with Ms Karen Haber. I do hope her Mutant Season quartet is reissued as a graphic novel series.

I was amazed to see how busy the role-playing section continued to be during the con. I signed up for a session (and even brought my books) before giving up: every table had wait lists. I'm still not comfortable playing with strangers anyway. Maybe in the future.

We saw more art and either purchased them or placed bids. Attended seminars. We didn't visit either the movie or anime rooms, either having the seen the particular show, not interested, or having the movie. R. spent some time in the vendor's room and bought a good number of books.

Dinner was spent down in San Diego (of course.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Did it. Gave notice at work today. Eek.

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