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Saturday, December 20, 2003

More! I want want more (take two)!

More updates on my links (see left), adding more links. Can you spot them?

Friday, December 19, 2003

More! I want more!

Updated my links (see left) adding more blogs.

Hot Or Not

This is a dangerously addictive time-wasting site to visit....

Food and mood

I learned a few years ago how food influences mood. Last night, though, I got a follow up lesson.

I was a in a foul mood when I left to work out. I wanted to give up writing, martial arts (see the previous entry), get a divorce, drop my friends...really pissed off and depressed simultaneously. This feeling was fueled by the substitute instructing that night: I've never heard an instructor stating that--since this wasn't their class, they didn't care about it--during the class. One of the regulars asked I didn't look happy. I wasn't: I was furious and remained so for the rest of my stay. (I did complete the class, though. I'm going to lose that weight even when I'm furious.)

After a soak, I drove up to my favorite coffeeshop. School's out: there were less than five groups sitting in the vast shop. I ordered my regular drinks and, after a quick mental debate, order a pastry. The latter proved to be a good decision: I felt my mood lightening after an hour after consuming the fatty, sweet, tasty, snack and consuming four vente-sized drinks. When I left at 23:00, I was feeling considerably better.

I told R. about the little incident when I got home. Even though we got a laugh (eventually) about it, the incident still sticks in my mind on the body-mind connection. Here's another incentive for me to regain control of my eating habits.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Commitment for all the right reasons

Last night (Wednesday) I attended a demo at a local United Studio of Self Defense (USSD). Found the sensei (teacher) pleasant, talkative, and--to me, at least--young (mid-thirties?). He gave no sales pitch: he stated the martial art taught at the school and the importance for a prospective like myself to find the style that matched my goal. He included a free copy of Black Belt magazine with an article on finding the "right" style.

Should I take up the martial arts again in 2004? Money's not the issue. I can just cut back on my comic books (which I have been already) and a couple of lunches. Time? Definitely an issue but no worse than when I work out in the evenings.

It's the "why" that's bothering me. When I admit to myself why I really want to work out, I find the answers...disconcerting. Very short-term.

I've scheduled a free practice session next week. Maybe I'll be better informed after that session and a heart-to-heart talk with R. and others. I'll then have a long inward look at myself and ask again, "is this the right motivation?"

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Earth hurling towards sun this Christmas

2004 Goals

Still tentative...


Complete the first draft of my work-in-progress(WIP) by the end of the second quarter.
Have novel ready to be submitted by end of the fourth quarter.
Write at least an article a month for (possible) submission to Vision and other sources.
Complete at least one comic book script by year's end.


New body measurements by end of January.
Reduce body fat to 10% by year's end.
Stabilize total body weight to 200 lbs (190 lbs muscle, 10 lbs fat).
Take up martial arts? Decide by mid-year.
Take up boxing? Decide by mid-year.
Benchpress my bodyweight (200lbs) by year's end.
Perform 3x10 of pullups unaided.
Attempt to two cardio classes back-to-back again once per quarter.
Abs. I want that six-pack showing by mid-year.
Get gums healthy again by second checkup (second quarter.)
Get cholesterol


Look for new job? Decide by end of first quarter.
House cleaned and organized by end of second quarter (details to follow).
Socialize with friends once a month.
Socialize with family once a month.
See a new play once a month.
Extra house payment to mortgage principle in December.
Switch personal finances to Quicken or other similar program so can chart income/expenditures. Start January.
Create and implement budget by end of first quarter.
continue to pay back parents for car gift/loan.
Fix sprinkler system by end of second quarter.
Schedule a "true" vacation in October.
Finally visit Palm Springs.
Visit Mammoth?

More to come as I think of specifics....

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Musings of the mind

At the coffeeshop.

Work was busy. Did my first training session unsuped. Bit nervous; I would have preferred to have done it tomorrow. Fortune smiled on me, though; my co-worker showed to do some stuff for a few hours and was able to answer some of my questions during the training. I shouldn't have truly worried, though. The session went well and the new client thanked me profusingly.

Had to stop by the post office. Didn't actually have to wait long. At one point I felt under the gun to complete the paperwork! Had enough time to grab a true lunch.

R.'s on-call tonight. Didn't work out tonight: it wasn't the schedule night and, worse, my legs are hurting. I think I'll stop step for a few weeks, switching to something new for a while. Instead, visited friends over at The Center Orange County.

Hmmm. Can't believe I'm having probs on what to write. Oh! I know what to write. Off-line, though. Real private stuff (and you know what momma said about saying if you can't say something nice, don't say--or in this case, blog--anything at all.

Rest of the weekend

After I got back from the Con, we drove down to San Diego. Hit Mysterious Galaxy (of course) and Hillcrest where we celebrated our 10 anniversary a day early.

Gen Con So Cal (cont.)

I drifted over to the gaming sections both days. Mildly interesting and boring simultaneously. Analogy would be watching people playing cards. If Gen Con comes back next year, I may sign up for a game or two.

I found the attendees...fascinating. I joked with R. that the gamers are folks who dressed a certain way back in junior high and never grew up (just out. WAY out. But that's a topic for another day.) Felt exhilerated that people continued to game (I have very fond memories of my gaming times) and left out. As I told R., I've changed too much and too cynical to try to "recapture" my youth (which, truth be told, I view as very unpleasant.)

Overall, I found the event an incredible experience.

Latest and greatest news....

Whoa! Behind!

First, the first west coast Gen Con....

Gen Con So Cal

As I posted in the last entry, I'll be providing more details.

I attended both Saturday and Sunday. In lieu of the free parking over at Disneyland (I have a year pass), I opted to park at the convention center. That was a smart decision: the amount of stuff I purchased would have given me serious ache if I had to walk back to the park. This is especially true after my bags broke both day. I'm bringing a backpack next time.

The Con was held at the Anaheim convention center. We attended it the very first time earlier this year at Anime Con(?). I think they must have partioned the latter event: Gen Con felt a lot larger.

And spacious. I'd have to say two thirds of the Con was space set aside for the games: rpgs, card games, and miniatures. Makes sense but disconcerting if you're used to rows and rows of vendors.

And speaking of the vendors....

Not as many as I would have liked, especially those selling out of pring (OOP) games. I focused at three booths for the majority of my sales. While the major names had booths set up (i.e., Wizards of the Coast, SJG, etc.) I had the majority of their games already. However, many enticed me with sales on Sunday. And we had a major windfall(?) of fantasy books for the business.

In the same section as the vendors, I saw an art show and celebrity signings. One of the first folks I saw while entering the Con was William Shatner of Star Trek fame. Saw Richard Hatch; the actor who played the original Boomer on Battlestar Galactica; Virginia Hey (of Farscape Fame) and others I recognized but can't name. I didn't get any of their sigs. Not interested.

More to come....

Sunday, December 14, 2003


Attended Gen Con So Cal yesterday. More news later.

Oh, and if you hadn't heard....

Saddam Captured

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