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Saturday, September 18, 2004

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I like to cook

Actually, there's a little bit more than just food...

Banterist - Field Guide To Online Dating Profile Photography


When DVDs Attack...

Oh, wow...

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Contractors, dilemmas, and euphoria


Update Way and Forge.

Quite a busy day.

My friend JSE called and we spoke most of the morning. We commiserated about his current dating status and reminisced about the past (pre-OC). (One day I should post about that sordid time.)

I then casually mentioned about looking for a house-sitter when remodeling begins at our house. Surprise! JSE had done a lot of handiwork on his house during his first marriage and is actually quite a handyman. Would be willing to keep an eye on our residence if we need someone. (He's self-employed.) All he would need is DSL access which we have plenty. R. was surprised and pleased, too, when we talked later. Now we have at least one optimal person to housesite.

I contacted the contractors later that morning. Frank (who'll be redoing our kitchen and other rooms) gave me an eye-opening summary of his work. We're now looking at starting around October for a good month and a half (barring no probs.) Got some estimates from him and the other contractors as well.

Sigh. I see our funds rapidly diminishing.

I made the hardest decision after hanging up the phone. I notified one of my agencies and told them I had decided to take the assignment. I then called another one and cancelled an interview for another position. The die is cast, as the cliche goes. I hope I hadn't made the wrong choice.

The rest of the day was fairly mundane. I picked up my comic books down in Irvine. Got a haircut while there.

R. came home early (due to being a half-day) while I was in Irvine and we ate at one of our favorite restaurants. There we discussed our days. We finished the latest Naruto DVDs. Waah!


R. will be on-call today through Sunday. After leaving for work, I lounged around the house a bit, returned calls, then headed out to Northridge early to avoid traffic. Ate at Islands (see Forge)I originally intended to settle down at a nearby Starbucks and write. Instead, I walked around the nearby Northridge mall. While there I bought coffee and promptly spilled it on my nice dress shirt. Fortunately the material resisted it. Whew!

Dinner with R.'s family went fine. They're redoing their house as well though not as extensive as we are. Kids didn't pay as much attention to me as they used to. I actually had a chance to talk to the adults.

When I got home, I called my friend KKS and spent the rest of the evening chatting. Overall, a day.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Beyond the Blog

Celebration, Florida

I didn't know this place existed!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Decisions, decisions...

Ran errands much of the day. I received calls from two agencies whom I scheduled interviews with clients. Eek! Did a lot of writing in the afternoon (see Way) and worked out in the evening (see Forge.)

Ugh. Talk about a dilemma.

Yesterday I received a call from one of my agencies. They had a client who was interested in interviewing me so I saw them this morning. Later in the day I received a call: they wanted me!

Here's the dilemma: we're prepping to get major remodeling on our house. I've been struggling with deciding if I should work during that time or hold off any assignments until the work was finished. I discussed the issue with R. and my friends.

I have to make a decision soon.

I less confusing news, I saw a couple of my friends in the evening. I gave CS his b-day gift, which delighted him.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Random of the Day

Blogging in an Online PD Program

What an interesting post.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend Words

Saturday we had to wake early (before 1000) for the carpenter who'll be redoing our kitchen cabinetry. Uh-oh. He's a general contractor which means he can redo the kitchen lights; the downstairs bathroom; patch up the stucco; replace the upstairs bathroom tubs (including the jet spa in the master bathroom); etc. R. was like a kid told they can have anything they wanted in the toy store. I, on the other hand, am thinking how quick our equity line of credit was shrinking.

Theme of redoing the house continued throughout the day. At lunch (Thai food, of course), we discussed more house changes like the dining room windows. Later in the day we returned to Expo to look at wall coverings (i.e., tile, curtains, etc.) We did take a short detour to look at some software. I'll be having to researching some multi-functional copiers (MFC) for my office. R. also bought--finally!--art folios to hold the anime cells. Needless to say, we need way more. (I'll discuss the auctions on Yahoo! Japan another time.)

Evening was spent at our favorite japanese restaurant. Hmmm. It may be closing.

Updated Way of the Writer and Forging the Physique.

I originally planned to wake early Sunday morn to work out but didn't. We ate an early lunch then headed out to the Bustamante bookfair where we met old friends and dealers. Dined in Old Town Pasadena and walked off the filling meal at Vroman's. Excited the rest of the evening by watching Naruto. What an incredible series!

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Quiz: What kind of blogger are you

You know I'd take this one:

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Well, duh!

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