Words, Weights, Whatever

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It'd be foolish of me not to start on this date

Yeah, I've been gone a while. Lookin' to make this day the end of a long absence.

Work, both my regular and free-lance jobs, have taken much of my time. But for the first time since SprintPCS and, heck, even Interpore Cross, I'm actually happy at what I'm doing. Happy? More compulsive. Especially my free-lancing job.

I think I finally understand, for the first time, what writers mean by feeling compelled to write. I want to find those intriguing tidbits on the automotive world. I want to write a post about them on Autoblog or the blogs. This despite the fact when I'm very tired, discouraged, or realize I'm making very little money on them. Seeing one's name (called a 'byline') on each post does something to one's self-esteem.

More later.

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