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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hate the Holidays

I personally have issues with the major holidays. Especially Xmas. People are such hypocrits during what is, to be blunt, a religious holiday. Good cheer? Celebration? Yesterday some bi#@! jammed her shopping cart in front of mine as though we were at a four way stop sign. And plenty of folks at the local Target were paying for their 20-40 items at the 10 item or less checkout line. And don't even get me started about parking at the malls.

Sigh. If I didn't have family to meet, I'd probably either stay home and surf the Internet or, better yet, volunteer and feed the homeless. Or visit some nursing homes. There's the difference to be made and what this "season" (which should be yearly, not one month) is all about.

Sing in a well-air-conditioned or heated church? Shuffle one's fat bod to a nice restaurant with overworked staff? Huh. Looks like the Reformation moved the riches from the shepards to their flock while stray lambs are left to the wolves.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Are you corporate ghetto?

You know you are CORPORATE GHETTO......
if two or more of the following are true:

1.. You don't officially start working in the morning until you read your emails.

2.. You have at least one drawer/cabinet that contains more food than office supplies.

3.. Not only do you know all the security guards, janitors and cafeteria workers, one of them has asked you out on a date.

4.. Your version of a conference call is when you call your friends and plan what you are doing for the weekend.

5.. The only time your man/woman picks you up from work is on payday.

6.. Friends and family members call you at work to cuss you out because you didn't answer your phone quick enough.

7.. You paint your nails at your desk.

8.. When you are on a personal call you, laugh so loud your co-workers on the other side of the office come and ask you what's so funny.

9.. You have pictures on your wall with you and your friends at the club.

10..To beat the system, you have codes for personal calls that let's someone know to call you right back. (Let the phone ring two times and call me right back).

11.. You give your out-of-town friends your company's 1-800 number.

12.. Before calling in sick, you rehearse your sick voice and sick story several times out loud.

13.. Coworkers inquire how your father's surgery went that required you to be out for days and you don't even know who your daddy is.

14.. You use the company's postage machine to stamp your personal mail.

15.. Your kid's school supplies all have your company insignia on them, you order personal supplies for you and your kids.

16.. You call in sick on payday Friday and send your cousin to pick up your paycheck. (Now THAT'S REAL ghetto!! Get direct deposit!!)

17.. You contribute $1 to the office Christmas party, eat the most food and take a platter of lunch meat and potato salad home to your family for dinner.

18.. Before someone uses your telephone at your desk, they have to wipe the chicken grease off the handset.

19.. You call in sick on Friday because you went out on Thursday.

20.. You don't like your supervisor and a couple other coworkers and you tell them off on a regular basis and wonder why you haven't been promoted.

21.. You get your haircut/hair done on lunch and come back two hours later and then ask "Was anybody looking for me?".

22.. You cuss your creditors out for calling you at work.

23.. You come to work on Friday's dressed for the club.

24.. Your kids call your job and say to the operator, "Let me speak to my Mama"

25.. You are sitting there reading this instead of getting your work done.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It has been a while, hasn't it.

Major changes in my life. First, I'm between jobs again. I'll elaborate more in future posts but basically my personality was incompatible with my client and her staff.

It's been two weeks since I became a free-lance writer over at Autoblog. I've easily posted over sixty new posts. I'm learning a lot about myself: it's harder than it looks (one of the reasons I'm not posting here its I'm too exhausted after writing my requisite three to six) and I procrastinate more than I thought.

But the topic--cars--still fascinates me and I enjoy finding and writing (once I've started) all those wonderful posts. And I'm already involved in some of the perks of the job: I'll be attending the San Diego Auto Show and the Los Angeles Auto Show as press: I'll get to see the vehicles, attend presentations, etc., not open to the public. Whoohoo!

Remodeling of the house has slowed down to a crawl.

More to come but I have Xmas stuff to do. Later!

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