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Monday, May 17, 2004

Catchup: Friday

Whew! Behind again. Here are the major highlights starting on Friday....

Ran a goodly number of errands. Interviewed with two recruiters (same company) in the afternoon. Interesting. One wanted to arrange a same-day interview with the client but couldn't reach them while I was there. I literally was leaving when I received a call on my cellphone to come back: the recruiters were able to arrange an interview time and date (today at 1500) and wanted to notify me.

Grabbed lunch, then visited a couple of friends at their jobs respectively. (Hi, G. and C!)

Spouse had a class up in the valley. I continued to do housework in anticipation of the delivery of our new HDTV (see Sunday.) After R. returned home, we drove out to Devore to attend the Renaissance Fair. Bought another vase and pewter mug and other stuff I can't remember. And it looks like we'll be purchasing rings on the next visit. Eek!

Tried to grab some dinner at the Irvine Spectrum but it was packed. Opening weekend for the movie, Troy.

Cleared out the space in the family room for the HDTV. Interesting how we divide the labor: I do the heavy lifting and toss out the trash while R. sweeps and cleans the wood foor. It's basically what we like/dislike to do.

The Good Guys arrived around 1430. The cabinet we ordered was scuffed and sent back. We ordered a new one to replace it which will be brought around Friday. Celebrated by having dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants and watching DVDs for the rest of the evening.

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