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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

We're on our way, Wednesday...!

Goin' on vacation. See you over the weekend!

My life is rated... 

My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?
PG-13? What about the sex clubs, the three-ways, what I did to toads and snails as a kid, the---
Oops. My spouse may be read this one day.

Tuesday Thumbs down


I finished Fool's Fate this morning. (See Way.) I so did not want to get out of bed when the alarm went off. But R. needed coffee so I half-dozed downstairs having just enough sense to put on slippers before stepping on the wet concrete foundation that made up the kitchen flooring. Making coffee was a bit awkward as I tried to avoid the pools of water and the jotting edges of remaining floor wood.

I had not gone shopping over a week. I packed leftovers for R.'s lunch and dinner. I returned upstairs and started a new book while sipping my cup of coffee. Surfed the Internet and, noting the time, grabbed a shower. I was watching television when the doorbell rang. The plumbers were here.

What basically happened next showed how finicky Fortune could be. The plumbers found the problem to be our dishwasher. Apparently the piping that brings (or is it drains?) water from it was broken. The escaping water would then leak underneath the wood flooring. It must have happened recently or slowly or both since R. and I had not noticed anything prior to Saturday.

Unfortunately, the plumbers had to do some extensive investigation before discovering the dishwasher's role which included making a few holes in the wall. Worse, the piping to the master bedroom's toilet seemed to be damaged causing a leak that soaked the surrounding carpet. Glad we had blowers (which had been brought in on Sunday to deal with the wooden floor) to deal with that issue. I had to do a little carpentry, however, and removed the soaked cushions under the carpets to dry the latter. Ugh!

I had scheduled the home insurance adjuster to come out today to review the damage. Fate wasn't kind to us as the battery in her car died. Sigh. We rescheduled the appointment for Wednesday morning.

I barely ate during the day due to all the activities. It's amazing how one thinks of water when all the water pipes are temporarily shut down. Thankfully there was orange juice in the fridge. Oh! And cold water and ice as well, a "gift" from the plumbers.

During the day, I vacillated between watching television, reading, and surfing the Internet. After everything was finally done (for that day at least), I joined my friends C. and G. for a late night dinner. Finished a chicken salad sandwich and a (small) pie of fresh peaches. Feel much better!

And feeling even better as Wednesday approaches. We're going on vacation!

Random of the Day


Good writing. Contents--at least to me--provide a different view of the world. Check out,  for example, the posting on Sanrio Condoms. 

Monday Madness

I spent Monday on the edge of my emotions. Lack of sleep (see Way) , R. on-call, and the water soaking the wooden kitchen floor left me a bit...frazzled...at work.

But I was amazingly efficient, interestingly enough. Woke up around 6 AM to mail out customers' packages at the postoffice; dropped off last week's time sheet; and picked up my paycheck. I had to wait 10-15 minutes at each location since I arrived too early. I arrived early enough at work that I was the first person to make the coffee!

I worked two different duties at work, scanning docs in the morn and manning the front desk for the rest of the day. At every break and at lunch, I made calls: our home insurance, the adjuster, and R. For a rest, I ate at my favorite nearby Japanese food. The two different rolls and tempura helped.

I realized in the afternoon that we had to deal with the water issue. I spoke with R. about my plans. I called my agency and they agreed.

So I approached my boss (the client) and told her that I had to take Tuesday off. I felt very foolish. I really didn't want to take that day off due to past difficulties with the assignment. I didn't want her to think I was slacken because I had vacation coming up.

But my boss understood, only asking if I'd be back on Monday. I said yes. Whew!*

Chores were not finished when work ended. I picked up clothes at the drycleaners. When I got home, I jelled, watching the Teen Titans. It was another rerun, of course. I debated about hitting the gym that evening but the involuntary snooze reminded me how tired I was. Spent the rest of night reading and surfing the Internet.

*NOTE: I tend to hype myself when I'm fatigued. Does it show?

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Random for the Day
Blogger Blog, the Blog for Bloggers
This has some cool stuff. Check out this entry for flooble, a program that creates a random post for your blog!


Updated Way of the Writer and Forging the Physique.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Sunday Sadness
I lacked focus when we woke Sunday morn. I prepared the coffee as R. prepared to leave for the rest of the day and evening for on-call. After a too quick good-bye, I fell back into a restless sleep and awoke groggy. CNN droned in the background from the upstairs television. I ate leftover Thai food. It was stepping on the now squishing floorboards that I remembered our home insurance company.
I called Farmers and placed a claim. The company sent out a tech who placed blowers to dry the soaked wooden floor. I obtained additional information on who else to contact on Monday.
After the tech had left, I watched television, vacillating between channels as men are prone to do when unfocused. Occasionally I got up and called R. who was shoulder deep in work. Chatting together were some of the highlight moments of a dreary day. The other was prepping books to mail out on Monday.
I finally started to read (see Way) only stopping to go out and grab a bite to eat (see Forge).
I returned home and did more reading. Finally, I sank deep into the story. Only when I realized I'd have three hours of sleep did I reluctantly close the book and go to sleep. Daytime quickly woke me up again.

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