Words, Weights, Whatever

Friday, August 29, 2003

Ugh. Feel totally sleepy today. Body reminding me not to go to bed at 0200 in the morning when I know I have to get up at 0600.

Bought lots of graphic novels (trade paperbacks) at the comic book store yesterday. Finished Negation: Baptism under Fire. Whew! Incredible. I especially loved the scenes involving Charon's minions testing the baby Mimi. Awesome and hilarious at the same time. While I love the art, it's the story that is primary to me.

It was the graphic novels that kept me awake. Finished the first Mystic trade paperback (TP) skimmed the latest Sojourn and the first Sigil TP. It was 0200 when I finally turned off my night light.

Resorting to old habits. Need to break them. Hmmm. Instead of yearly resolutions, why not monthly resolutions?

Waiting to hear about tomorrow.

Waiting to hear about tomorrow.

Dinner to celebrate Clark's b-day tonight. I'm currently not planning to join everyone afterwards.

Yikes! Read on Sheila Viehl's blogger that she's written nine books in a year and is considering trying for ten. I'm stunned and, at the same time, enthused to get my bottom settled down to write.

I'm giving consideration again to set aside (working title) Pyrrhic Price. My greatly experienced writing mind looks at the project like an apprentice painting looking at the Mona Lisa: it's possible but not at my current skill level. I have a couple of other project s that I feel I can accomplish at my current level and grow from. Something to give thought over the holiday (Labor Day) weekend.

Drove down to South Coast to see if I could make it to attend the 1730 step class yesterday. I gave up at 1729: the traffic was terrible. Will do extra cardio over the weekend. Weight training to start (again!) next week.

Bought water for the coffee yesterday.

Brought donuts in this morning. I'm finally beginning to wake up. Wanna review some docs today. Will be participating in a training session before noon.

Checked P.O. Box yesterday. Just credit card bills and bank statements. Waiting for partner to process an order.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Shall I rename this blogger?

I originally named my blog after my two major interests in writing and fitness way back when. But--as I review the latest entry--I realize I haven't been writing about those interests in a while. Shall I rename the blog? At this point, I'm inclined not to. I like the name. Instead, I'll use it as reminder.

I love talking to myself.


Busy this morning, then slowed down. Client calls are beginning to come to me. Ugh! Good thing I'm working on the Client Care Problem and Troubleshooting template.

Contacts are bothering me today. Wasn't originally planning to wear them. I then remembered that I planned to try a new cardio class right after work. Grrr. Next time I'm just bring the lenes with me to put on before class.

I'm feeling very, very sleepy today. Not getting enough sleep. This is especially important as I continue my diet and workout (see Fitness). And we'll be soon (see Spouse) start getting up at 0500 on the weekdays.

We're slowly transitioning back to waking up at 0500. This morning we woke at 0600. I made coffee for the first time in nine days. Discovered we're now out of filtered water. Will have to stop by the store to pick up a couple of gallons. I think I'll hold off, though, from a more thorough food shopping until next week.

Purchased stamps last night. Finally mailed out bills. Yeah!

Right now I'm arguing with myself to do some weight-training during lunch hour or eat out. And--though I've prepared for it--I don't know which cardio class I'll attend tonight. Shall I attend the 1730 class down at the South Coast Plaza? Or wait until 1915 to attend the one up in Fullerton? Aargh!

I'm writing in this journal between tasks, ain't I? (Bad english.)

Looking towards doing some stuff over the holiday weekend. Saw some cool stuff (e.g., boxes, organizers, etc.) at Office Depot last night. Will be good for storage of a lot of our junk.

Notified my friend Greg that I'll be attending Clark's b-day party this coming Friday. Waiting to hear back from him.

Wonder if A/PC has an event this weekend.

Parents are coming out over the holiday weekend. I'll be joing them; the Campbells may be, too. This will be the first time I'll see my (now) preggie sister.

Oh! That reminds me. Gotta send out b-day and anniversary cards and gifts.

See below.



Personal: Reassessing my goals. Specifically, writing and fitness.

Spouse: Spouse is home again. Yeah! Had dinner at Romano's which--for me--is the second time that day. Quality of Service during dinner doesn't seem to be the same as last year. We got physical in the evening. Yes! :)

Son: Didn't call parents yesterday.

Sibling: Need to give them a call. (Have sent e-mail, though. Wonder why they haven't returned my messages.)

Writer: See Personal.

Fitness: Attended the Interval Step class down in LF yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good cardio.

Housework: Bought some needed supplies after dinner.

Friend: Discussed issue about Friday with spouse.

Employee: The office is dead after 1600.

Entrepreneur: Waiting for partner to process credit card. Reminded me to check P.O. Box for a possible check.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003



Personal: Drinking lots of coffee today. Shouldn't really say "a lot" since I'm drinking half-cups. I'm on 1 1/2 cups so far. Went to bed WAY too late yesterday.

Employee: Started new shift today. Working now 0800-1700. I like it so far. Will be interesting when I go to 0900-1800 around September 8th. I've already planned writing to be the the mornings (0630-0800). Work today is going well though I've discovered a few mistakes. Have to slow down. Each account is different. Docs to update today.

Fitness: Lousy. Gotta get back in the mindset. Fighting with myself to hit the gym today during lunch especially with a cardio class in the evening. I think I'm going to reassess my workout schedule. Specifically, reduce training from 5 days a week to 3. Hmmmm.

Writer: Virtually nil so far. Was suppose to write yesterday but was a lazy SOB. Schedule for tomorrow, Friday, and the Labor Day weekend. "Progress, not perfection".

Spouse: My love of (nearly) ten years comes home tonight. Yeah! Oh! Foodshop tonight! Gotta make some major decisions about upcoming events (especially since we gotta put down money.) We've made some major decisions on finally clearing out the house. I can't wait!

Son: Gotta give parents a call. And send out their long-delayed cards and gifts. Aaargh!

Sibling: Haven't heard from sisters and their families in a while. Oh! And send out their long-delayed cards and gifts. Aaargh!

Friends: Saw Greg and Clark yesterday. Coolness. Thinking about joining them this Friday night. I've been noticing I'm getting too chummy with the folks at my regular haunts (e.g., coffeeshop, restaurants, etc.) It's eating my time there. Don't mind normally, but it's cut my writing time--for example--to nothing. Time for a change?

Entrepreneur: Got an order waiting. Waiting for spouse. Need to continue practicing evaluating books. Will get more serious after the Labor Day holidays.

Miscellaneous: Can't think of anything at the moment.


Talk about being lazy. I purchased Clark's b-day gift and card after work. Collapsed into a coma at home and watched TV. Spoke with Jim and John. Drove out to The Center and conversed with Clark and Greg. Glen arrived later.

The lazy part? I originally scheduled to write between 1930-2100. Ugh. Gotta change this slippage fast!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Spouse comes home tomorrow night. Yeah!

Yesterday was a downer for fitness. I missed the offramp to get to the Fullerton gym and had to cut my weight training (shoulders, arms) short. And, for the first time in years, I burned out early in step class. I actually had to pause. Ugh!

No writing yesterday. I did jot down a whole new series (Asian fantasy). Cool.

Shift in work schedule. Manager asked if I'm ready to switch to a new shift. Will start working from 0700 to 1700 for the rest of the week and all through next week. She'll then reevaluate the schedule the following week (September 8th.) If I feel comfortable at that time, I'll be working from 0900 through 1800 with my co-worker covering 0600-1500.

Monday, August 25, 2003


RE: weekend.

Drove up on Saturday and Sunday to visit spouse. On Saturday, we ate at Frommin's for brunch, checked out a car dealership for Prius (which they were out), and then checked out houses. That evening we walked some malls before having dinner at Monty's. The original proprietors were still working the restaurant. Wow.

Sunday I drove out again. We had lunch where we were rudely interrupted by a call from the hospital. I spent the rest of the day checking out a nearby comic book store and walking the Northridge mall. Found that role-playing game Arcana Unearthed but didn't purchase it. Found the graphic novels Scion 1 & 2 and (yeah!) the hard-to-find Negation. Read the latter at the Porter Ranch Starbucks coffeeshop where my spouse met me after finishing up at the hospital. We had dinner at TGI Friday.

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