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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Oh, I'm good!

Outlined a science-fiction (sf) story. One with the immigrants. Wow! Those alien races are so...alien. Even the humans on the colony are weird by modern standards. I'm so pleased!

Friday, October 10, 2003


Progressing. Spent the rest of the evening at the coffeeshop and wrote in my journal, generating outlines, and reviewing my work in progress (WIP). Happy dance!

Look out, software pirates....

Since I don't play video games (and even if I did, I wouldn't have the time!), I have little vested interest in them. But this article caught my interest for the (possible) broader view of applying such technology to ALL future software:

'Subversive' code could kill off software piracy

10:28 10 October 03
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition.

Software pirates who make illegal copies of a particular computer game are finding the games companies are coming up with a radical new anti-copying strategy.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Start here in the search for (earth-like) extraterrestrial life....

Hey! I'm a Gemini :-)

Gemini Star Best Bet For Alien-Life

Star 37 Gem: Potential For Life?

Oct. 9, 2003 — If there is any life out there other than on Earth, the best bet is a star called 37 Gem, according to a U.S. astrobiologist who is drawing up a list of potential targets for a NASA deep-space telescope.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


I'm behind....

I watched Angel on the WB. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Loved how Angel and Spike kept me guessing. And the ending reveals that Spike has quite a road to redemption.

Progress. While chatting on-line, I began to outline my current work-in-progress, Pyrrhic Price. Got a nice connection between the main protag and antag. Very pleased.

As I've stated in earlier entries, I'm currently writing a department handbook at work. At first I hesitated: I didn't want to return to technical writing. But as I outlined my thoughts, I felt my writing muscles--long asleep--begin to flex. Many of the techniques used in non-fiction writing are easily applicable to my fiction writing. I learned more about the features in Word which is always a plus. Hmmm. I may reconsider attempting to obtain that Microsoft Office certification.

Ate out again. No big; I'll move back and chest a day forward to Thursday and Friday.

The month is October. It's always a tough month for me. Too many temptations: candies, candies, and more candies. Specifically, chocolate candies.

Sigh. I can feel my waist-line increasing.

Busy day even into the evening. Received training (again) on one of the company's more difficult clients. Also trained a couple of the new staff on one of our services as well (and received a compliment as well for the latter.)

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Thoughts for the day....

Thoughts again about this job. Specifically, is this what I want to do to earn money?

Why am I disatisfied? Is it because I like a more fast-paced environment? I've been grinding teeth to the point where my jaw aches almost all the time. Not good.

I'm performing some of my shoulder exercises incorrectly. Specifically, the BB press. I'm going down too deep when I lower the bar, which has the result in building my back muscles. Since that's not the purpose of the workout, I need to stop halfway down.

I'm giving serious thought in changing my routine. I don't like the low-weight, high-rep routine. Virtually no mod in sculpting my bod. Maybe later after I put on some more muscle?

We finally got creamer. Yeah!

Reread the textbook, Technical Writing: Situations and Strategies. Not only did it help regarding my current project at work (department handbook) but gave some great suggestions for writing technique (invisible writing) and outlines. I especially loved the advice on "draft quickly". Basically, turn off that damned editor in one's mind. Apparently some things are universal in all types of writing :-)

Monday, October 06, 2003

Good news....

Hrrr. I promised a piece of good news at least once a week. Here's one: Microcenter is issuing new credit cards.

We were in Microcenter on Sunday. For work reasons and other reasons, I'm considering upgrading a lot of my software. My desktop, while working fine, is five years old (that is, uses Pentium II and Windows 98). We were looking at a couple of machines in serious consideration when it was announced the store was closing. We went to the cashier with our purchases (no, not a new computer.) I took out and gave my store credit card.

"Sorry," the cashier said, "we don't accept that card anymore." I was told Microcenter had switched banks as of last week. A little bit annoyed, R. purchased the software while I applied for a new card.

And here's the good news. When asked what did I want for a credit limit, I said 3k. I got 4k instead, easily double my old card! Yeah!

I'm going to give SERIOUS thought this week about purchasing that computer....

That temper....

I have to watch myself. While my parents raised their children well, handling other people's emotions effectively was not part of their itenerary(sp?). My sibs and I tend to get annoyed when people emote a bit too long, lashing out if the speaker begins to what we consider "whine."

We don't handle whine well, either the verb or the noun.

My spouse started bad as usually. While we discussed it and other issues, I became annoyed. Finally, I snapped, NOT saying words of comforts. We retreated into goodbyes. I headed for the gym, thinking about the issue during the drive. I called at the gym and apologizes. We made little talk, got our smiles back, and I worked out.

Our relationship has lasted such spats before and I'm confident it will continue. But we both hate such "sparks"; unlike a lot of couples we know, confrontations like the one above are quite rare. Thus, when we have them, we NEVER forget them. We have no desire for such events to become "habit".

Shakespeare said love is service. Listening to one's love as they admit pain is just one manifestation of it. I MUST continue to learn; this relationship is too important to me.


Running behind in my blogger. Thus, here are a few highlights for Friday, October 3th; Saturday, October 4th; and Sunday, October 5th:

October 5th:
Personal, spouse:
Watched the Matrix for the first time. Interesting.

October 4th:
Personal, spouse:
Met with the refi agent. Bad news: no good rates. R. was bummed. Well, we have back-up plan two (line of credit).
Attend booksigning by sf/f author Lois McMaster Bujold. Interesting.

October 3rd:
Started what I had hoped would be three days of writing. Drove down to the coffeeshop and spent the evening journalizing and working on this month's schedule.

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