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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

***Movin', movin', movin'...MY LIFE***

Fitness was the word for Monday. One of the perks of being an employee is access to the on-site gym facility. One of the administrators, after I signed the appropriate paperwork (i.e., "thou shall not sue the company for thy stupidity when lifting weights"), gave me a tour of the place.

Two unisex locker/shower combos. Plenty of freeweights. Trendmill and bicycle. Several machines to strain one's muscles. Boom box (with CDs). And a fan that looked inadequate to keep cool the ten by ten foot room. Overall, not a bad room with one big exception: a two-way window into the warehouse. Later, I bumped into a gym member who told me she turns off the lights when working out.

Fitness continued in the evening when I took a step class at my regular gym. Either I had a lot of repressed energy or the instructor had it, but the pace was fast and furious. I actually had to stop more than once to catch my breath. Am I that out of shape? It's either that or I wasn't pacing myself. Still, my weight has stabilized at 204. I'm hoping to drop it below 200 by month's end.

Remodeling continues to progress though in fits and starts (which, apparently, is normal.) On Monday, one contractor came over and installed some new wood paneling on our bar. Unfortunately, though, they placed it wrong. Then Tuesday the contractor who's doing our counter-tops installed one half on our bar and partially completed the floor in the laundry room. Because they started so late in the afternoon, I missed my evening workout to supervise them and speak with R. about their work. But I made it up by gorging on lots of food with my friends
that night.

Monday, March 14, 2005

***Weekend words***

Saturday I met with two contractors and a repairman. I discussed with the first two about where we were going with the next phase of the remodeling. We systematically went over all three bathrooms, brainstorming ideas for the wainscotting and tiles. Tomorrow, for example, the counter-top contractor will be putting on the travetine countertops in the washroom.

Later that afternoon the repairman arrived. R. had heard a low buzzing from our new oven/microwave. The repairman confirmed suspicions: the appliance shouldn't be making that noise. He'll be ordering a new part to see if it's the cause but reassured us there is no hazard.

After everyone was gone, I rushed to the post office to not only pick up a package but to mail our corporate taxes. Unlike personal taxes, all corporate ones are due by March 15th. And, of course, there was a line at the post office. I called my family to assure them I would make it to the party.

I finally dashed out of the post office around noon. From there, I joined my family up in the Inland Empire not only to celebrate my mom's birthday but my nephew's first birthday as well. Both had been born the same day though--obviously--decades apart.

It was relatively a sedate party: my sister and brother-n-law were stressed; my other nephew chatted my ear off; and I barely spoke with my parents. Mom looks good: the weight loss has transformed her. And my now one-year old nephew was considerably active now that he was walking. Apparently he's developing physically quite fast though considered on the smaller size for his age. My sister and brother-n-law had hoped my tall genes would have passed into him but, at least at this age, it's not apparent. (Apparently I hinted my future height as a baby.) Doesn't matter: he's definitely very healthy as he smeared cake all over his cute face.

I had to leave the party early to make another appointment back in Orange County. This time I looked over new bathroom fixtures which R. had selected. After I was done, I dined at a local restaurant before spending the rest of the evening napping and watching anime.

Sunday R. and I had a late breakfast/early lunch down at the Spectrum. To work off the meal, we checked out the Carfaire over in Irvine. We spent the afternoon doing some housework in preparation for the contractors this week. Between tasks, I called my parents to see if they had arrived safely back home in the next state. And received a shock. Our long-distance service had been disconnected. Futilely I tried to reach a representative but the telephone company was closed. Steaming, we watched anime.

This morning I finally got in touch with the representative. They were quite apologetic when I showed them I had made the necessary payments last month. They promised to reactivate our service and process the automatic payment I had requested back in January. Sigh. And to think I used to work for this company.

I hope there are no more unpleasant surprises for the rest of the week.

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