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Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Words

What a busy weekend.

We both woke late Saturday morning; R for being on-call Thursday and I for gaming until 3 AM Saturday morn. After lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant, we checked out several cars at Carmax and a local Lincoln/Mercury dealership. Specifically, I test-drove
the following cars:

Acura TSX: "Cozy" car with decent horsepower. While the exterior is on the bland side, interior was pleasant with wood trim and excellent fit and finish.

Acura TL: While I don't like the dark interior, the fit and finish was excellent, the exterior not shabby (though on the conservative side), and the engine power was excellent. Torque's not near-instantaneous as our hybrid and the TL uses premium, but it felt solid like a luxury brand should feel.

Lincoln MKZ: Bright, spacious, and airy interior due to the beige coloration. Design and color (burgandy) still turns my head. Interior decent, though R. immediately spotted some of the cheap pieces (e.g., the non-chrome A/C vent rings, etc.) Navigation screen surprisingly easy to read. Driving, though, was the major disappointment, being too floaty for my taste at this time.

Mercury Milan: More "stiff" ride which I liked. The interior was well-matched by price at $27k.
Unfortunately, I've become spoiled by the luxury items found on the MKZ and TL.

I've narrowed down my list to the TL and am now looking at the RL. I'm debating if I should try out a Cadillac STS.

Sunday R. was on-call so I joined my sister and her kids at the Discovery Center in Santa Ana. Bumped into my dentist who was sheparding his grandchildren. Lesson learned: children are not interested in non-play, educational activities until around 5 years old. (My nephew is 3 and my niece is barely over a year old.) Dined at the Thai restaurant for lunch and chilled the rest of the day.

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