Words, Weights, Whatever

Thursday, September 22, 2005

***September is the New Year***

Wow. I received some shocking news about one of my friends on Tuesday. Our staircase is finally done and I'm for major change (again) as I rejoin the working world next week.

As I posted on Monday, change seems to be in the air for many people. Here's some going on's of some of those bloggers in my Blogrolling list:

51313 is busy with the Great Filing Project (GFP) in addition to his "regular" busy life.

Alex is embarking to attend university while refocusing his life from writing to, well, other things. (I know the feeling.)

ClingingVine has paid tribute to friends who have left the mortal coil. On happier news, his partner has finally accepted the cats.

Cosmoblog's dealing with frustration with lip balm. Kidding aside, he's still recouping from his Florida trip with more partying.

Life's dating. Worse, he decides to hide the details. (Bi@!#).

Me, My Muse is preggie with her first child. I don't even have to go into how that changes someone's life. I'm just doin' my best to avoid my sister's eye as she looks for babysisters.

No, Dirty Kitty's not only dealing with school as a teacher's assistant (TA) but is being reminded of certain paternal instincts long thought buried.

Synaptic has started volunteering at a local library. Personally, I think he's a masochist.

Things are finally calming down for Warm Cookies. Whew! She'd like a little boredom at the moment. Or a diamond ring.

Finally, Zionide's getting over the trauma of missing the Emmys. One word: TiVo.

Monday, September 19, 2005

***Paradise lost***

Thunder and lightning boom and flash while sheets drip down, then retreat. Lamps and the computer monitor flicker.

Endless summer has ended out here in SoCal. Paradise is lost for another season.

***Pay attention***

Weeks ago I received news that one of the orgs I used to volunteer for had collapsed. The news saddened me: The Spouse and I had spent much time, energy, and a more than a few thousand bucks to help Asians and non-Asian get better acquainted
behind the Orange Curtain.

I've noticed the cliche, "Change is the only constant" more these days. My friend CS has started a new job. My friend GC is on his second dating prospect in as many months. And not only am I between jobs (which will be ending soon. Details to follow.) but my ex-co-workers from five years ago have changed jobs nearly as much as I have. Ugh.

On Saturday, R. and I lunched down at the Spectrum for the first time in weeks. Tootled up, then down (you have to understand SoCal freeways) to check out some going-out-of-business carpet sales. We tried a new anime that evening. Oops. That's another hook attached to our attention.

Sunday we visited the Huntington Beach Park for the first time in a couple of years. Weather was perfect: not too hot or cool, with just enough of a breeze. Lots of people were out enjoying it. We enjoyed the sights of ducks swimming in the small pools and dogs taking care of business on the semi-manicured lawns (with their owners, amazingly enough, picking up after them.) R. then worked on paper work while I tried to write. Evening was spent being wowed--again--by more anime. As we closed the evening at midnight, I began to think what direction to take what will be my last week in unemployment.

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