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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Enjoying the rush

As some of you long-term readers know, I was offered a full-time job last month which I accepted. Well, these past few days were a typical example of what I call a "good busy week":

  • Received a lot of posts early for the blogs.
  • Attended the OC Auto Show as media where I saw the debut of the Murcielago LP640, Altima hybrid, and bumped into movers and shakers within the auto industry.
  • Finalizing freelancers for the blogs. (If you're interested in cars and the car industry and can write, or know someone who can, let me know either via e-mail or in Comments. The pay's decent as supplemental income.)
  • Celebrated b-days, said good-bye to co-workers, and met more movers and shakers at the office.
  • Off on Monday. Yay!
I know I'm not really conveying how busy it is at work and at my new position. I've worked even busier jobs. The biggest difference between those and my current position is that I enjoy the latter: I stay late at work and even put in hours on the weekends voluntarily. Am I sick or what?

And speaking of weekends, this month's going to be very busy. R. and I were suppost to hit the car show this afternoon but decided to cancel it, planning to attend tomorrow. However, we'll be hitting the haunts at Knotts Scary Farm tonight.

Next weekend I hope to drive a few Bimmers before attending a friend's b-day party. The weekend after that is my niece's baptism followed by some gaming. Finally, more driving the last weekend of the month but this time I'll be zoom-zooming Mazda's entire lineup.

I love this job.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend words

What an tiring but exhilerataing weekend.

Friday I left work early and picked up R. at home. We drove up to Valencia to spend the evening at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

wow! We arrived early and, after a filling meal of sandwiches, salads, and fries, hit the rollercoaster, Goliath. We rapidly followed riding Scream, Batman the Ride, Riddler's Revenge, Colossus, Deja Vu, Psyclone, and ended with Tatsu. While Goliath is for fans of "The Drop", Tatsu hands-down has the most unique...seating.

The wait for most of the rides was less than five minutes which is a mixed blessing. Odyssey Adventures, which sponsored the special night, most likely will not continue next year. That supposes, of course, that the park is still around SoCal next year.

R. had to drive us home since I suffered a slight nausea most of the evening.

After getting up after noon on Saturday, we had a late(!) lunch before I attended a surprise b-day party out in the Inland Empire. R., unfortunately, was on-call Sunday and couldn't attend. I spent much of the party chatting with my friend Eric A. about D&D. Later that evening I got to watch more private--but clothed--festivities.

I arrived home round 0400 in the morning.

I spend Sunday solo reading and surfing the Internet.

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