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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Warped wood Weekend

R. and I woke late Saturday morning. As previously stated, my family would not be visiting us but we'd have to go see them at my sister's place later in the evening.

R.'s cold had gotten worse during the night. We relaxed, reading and surfing the Internet. Finally, our growling stomachs prompted us to get a bite to eat and we had Thai food around 2 PM. As usually, we had a feast.

Unfortunately, the food came back and bit R who spent a couple of hours running to the bathroom. No, it's not food poisoning but a too much fat-rich foods. (I'm not affected since I will eat burgers on occasion.) I fell into a food-induced stupor.

I checked the traffic report on on the Sigalert website before heading out to visit the family. (R. would obviously stay home.) I'm glad I did. There was a major accident blocking on my regular route. I discussed with R. and my sister on the best drive. There were two other longer routes and another check on the Sigalert showed they were clear.

I met my family a little over 5 PM. My parents, sister and her baby, and my youngest sister and her beau met me. The latter was chatting amiably with my father over a car issue. I chatted with my sibs and mom and cooed at the baby who was recovering from a cold. We all went to dinner once my dad and my sister's boyfriend returned.

Dinner was a fun affair at a local Japanese restaurant. While eating, I received a call from R.

"What's going on?" I asked.
"Are you sure you want to know now or later?" R. replied.
My eyes narrowed. "Now, of course."
"Well, there's water under the kitchen floor."

R. had discovered water leaking out between the slabs of wood. And the wood was warping. I barked instructions to call the plumber and have them come out tonight if possible. I then returned to dinner.

I spent a couple more hours with my family. Apparently it was also my sister's beau's birthday. We celebrated and spent some time with my mom as she fed my sister's baby. I bade goodbye and returned home.
The plumber's huge truck was blocking the driveway when I arrived. The plumber himself was on the lawn checking the meters. I parked nearby and went inside.

After finishing his investigation, the plumber explained there was a break in the drain piping underneath the kitchen. It must have been building for some time but only flooded into the floor recently since we only noticed it today. To fix the problem, he and a crew would have to break into the concrete foundation, find where the break was, and repair it. We asked how soon could he start. Unfortunately, he couldn't start until Monday and the repairs would take around two days. When he saw how upset we were, he tried to call others to assist him but no one answered. He promised if he could reach someone willing to work that he'd return Sunday. He would also try to finish the job in one day if possible.
R. and I discussed the issue. We could try another service but we'd had good luck with George Brazil in the past and would rather not start with another service. We thanked the plumber for his work and made the appointment for Monday morn.

Friday Family Frustration
One of the reasons I took my current work assignment is that I'm off every other Friday. Today was that day.
The morning was spent running errands. And fuming. I received a call Thursday that my parents are in town visiting my sister and, oh, come visit them. No, make arrangements so the entire clan (parents, sisters, beau, and children) can visit you. At your place. Oh, and we'll decide what and where to eat. We'll let you know sometime on Saturday, the day of the visit.
R. was livid. So was I. My instincts immediately told me that my family was trying to manipulate me. Again. I hate it when they do that. I steamed throughout the morn as I waited at the AAA office. I continued to curse as I ate a Romanos. I would not calm down until much later in the evening.
R. and I spoke throughout the day. As I stated, we were both extremely angry. Then worse news: R.'s cold was progressing and Sunday was an on-call day. There went the weekend. And we're going on vacation next week as well.
I picked up the necessary cold meds for R. while debating back and forth with my family where to have din-din on Saturday. Finally decided on a local restaurant down the street. Happy the situ was resolved, R. and I watched DVDs then puttered away on-line last night. I received a call. It's from my youngest sister.
There's a change in plans. The family's not meeting at my neck of the woods after all but want us to meet at my sister's place instead.
"I should have said no," I told R. as we both laid in bed. "Should have told them flatly that we had other arrangements and could not make it." As I said the words, I thought about driving time and all that stuff.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

New posts for Forge and Way.

And, yes, I've discovered graphics for my posts.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Love is...
...getting your exhausted spouse's cellphone charger from downstairs.

Thursday Talk

At work:
I work in two different locations: one of the front desks and the other in a departmental cubicle. Sent back to the latter for the first time in over a month. Had a fun time remembering my passwords to log on my desktop there and to access several progs.

IT then came over to my workstation to deal with spyware issue. Grrr. While normally I'm blase about people's unethical behaviors, this is not one of those times. We believed we've removed most of the stuff, but I'll check periodically over the next few weeks. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a 'sleeper' prog there somewhere.

Hrrr. Back to the front desk. I had been told I'd been shuffling but I wish I had been given a bit more notice instead of being told when walking through the door after lunch. Don't mind since I'm usually solo up front but would like a little bit of consideration*.

Sigh. Life of a temp, eh?

Family life:
Yikes! Just found out the parental figs are coming to visit. Now my sib wants to know if they can come over for dinner. Our place is so not ready for visitors, especially one of my other sibs new bf. I'll discuss with R. tonight but I think I know the answer.

My friend K. is flying out to Canada to participate in a choir prog. Yeah! His beau has to stay behind due to surgery.
Hmmm. K. stated that, after he flies back, he'll be staying with his beau until the latter recovers which can take weeks. K. already stays there every weekend. I wonder if it's time for "the talk": do you really love each other, sure you're not rushing into things, what about money, etc.
Sniff. I feel so...paternal.
WHOA. I've been saving this post as a draft. When I just came back to finish it, I discover Blogger had changed the format. Most options now use a simple button instead of having to write the HTML tags.
I like it.

*Follow up: will be manning the front the rest of the afternoon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wednesday Words

Work was slow today. The afternoon, especially dragged by. Opportunity to find "quirky" sites like Haggis ain't Cake! (And thanks for the commentary, WiZaRd!)

One more interesting piece of news. My current work assignment is temporary. Received some...interesting...news of its future. Details to follow later. I can share the following: my job duties will be changing so I won't be on-line as often during the day.

After work I picked up the clothes from the drycleaners. R. was home, doing paperwork for work. I rested a bit then made dinner. We then watched DVDs for a couple of hours before retiring to surf the Internet.


Random for the Day

From Blogwise:

The blog name alone floored me. Contents are...quirky.

Tuesday Tales

Slow day at work. I spent a lot of time surfing the Internet and reading blogs. The latter's quite fascinating: intermixed with the 'angst' posts, politics (mostly links) and gadgets (again, mostly links) are some bright, interesting gems. Some included:

    a bodybuilder who seems to enjoy showing off her strength on sexist men

    a married man secretly venting his lust for other men

    a man, his gf, and a dildo. (Enough said)

    erotica (badly written)

    guy lamenting the loss of his waterbed

    woman, newly divorced, and reveling in the fact

    a guy wanting...something (I couldn't tell from the posts)

After work I drove home and fell into a stupor in front of the HDTV. I spoke with R. briefly (who was driving to the hospital for an admission), then drove out to meet my friends G. and C.

We chatted amicably about a variety of subjects, mostly books. G.'s reading another esoteric classic while C. reading more mainstream. We joked, of course, as only guys can do about everything (e.g., puns, books, and--of course--other folks.)

Oh! I ordered a peach pie at the restaurant (see Forge.) I promptly devoured it when I got home after 11 PM. Probably one of the major reasons I didn't sleep well. But it was so tasty!


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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Saturday/Sunday Summary

Chilled. That's one of my favorite words at the moment. (The others are too harsh for polite, Internet, society*. ) The word describes are our weekend.

On both days we woke up late, usually around 11:00 AM. I'd crawl over to my computer while R. propped up one of those bed pillows and start reading. I'd surf the World Wide Web (WWW) for a while, then come back to the bedroom and read a scene or chapter in a book. Or magazine. Or role-playing game. Or a comic book. I then go back to the computer. Finally one of us would say, "I'm hungry" and we'd start getting ready for the day.

"Breakfast" on Saturday was around 3:00 PM and 1:30 PM on Sunday. Or was it the other way around? We had a late start, regardless. We'd go to one of our favorite restaurants (and gorge) then walk (barely) around the nearest Barnes & Noble. We'd then return home and watch DVDs before returning to our computers.

R. tried to do some work on both days but could never access the workplace databases. IT's aware of the situation (even they can't ignore several dozen angry physicians, one of whom is the CEO) and working on it. Uh-huh.

I took a lot of naps. Oh! As can be seen in earlier entries, we received our new refridgerator. Still gotta deal with the water issue on it.

I did some housework on Sunday, putting dishes into the dishwasher and doing a load of clothing for this week. Overall, a weekend of chillin'.

*Yes, I'm being sarcastic.


Updated Forge and Way.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Moved those blogs which are strongly writing-oriented (e.g., Alex's Writing Journal, etc.) to Way.

None of the blogs I regularly follow are strongly fitness-oriented.


Updated Way of the Writer (writing) and Forging the Physique (fitness) blogs.

On my way to work...

It's always a bit disconcerting when a drop-dead gorgeous police officer (I think highway patrol) tells you that your car's vehicle registration sticker is missing (though current) and the car's right turn signal light is not working. Ack!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Random for the Day


Cute pic.

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