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Friday, September 05, 2003


Just checked home. Got the call from the school. Didn't make the cut. Oh, well.


Moved cubicles today. Much better. I hate it when my back's to the hallway.

Hopefully dealt with the EDD. Grrr. Back in August, I had interviewed for a temp job. Well, that company claimed I refused a job offer. One: I never got a job offer from them, especially since it's through a temp agency. Two: I notified the agency I found work and to remove me from availability. Hmmm. Should I call the agency to find out what's going on? Nah.


Personal, spouse:
Looked for docs for several hours. Can't believe our new financial planners need so much info. Did some housework (washes, changed the bedsheets, etc.) in between the searches.

Busy in the morning, slowing down towards mid to late afternoon. I'm usually starving by lunch time. Will have to time the mini-meals more carefully (and actually eat a little more at each meal.)

Napped when I got home. Ate major carbs after 1800. Sigh.

Thursday, September 04, 2003


Joci called me this morning while we were both on our way to work. She told me the story of a computer temp at her job and how hard it is to find work even with a bachelors and cert. Yikes! Suggested I attend the second interview if the school calls. We'll see.

That young man I saw yesterday at work? We spoke today. Yup; we've met before at A/PC. He's been working in the business upstairs for the last two years. Like me, he's way over-qualified.

Training in client care today. Hmmm. Not too sure I like this. I avoid such work at my last job.
Oh! They let 2/3rds of Sales go. Sad :(


Ack. Ate out again at Ramano's Macaroni and Grill. This time I ordered the new appetizer. Yikes! My co-worker finished most of it.

Notified my manager I want more time to train. We're delaying the new work schedule until the 15th.

Hmmm. Interesting inter-departamental dynamics.

Found some of the stuff for our new financial planner last night.

I've got to watch my words with my spouse. I'm reverting to type. Bad type.

Ack! Interval step was harder than I thought. I'll schedule one more class next week before I start the new schedule.

Because of the class, I'm most likely not going to schedule legs on Thursday. Still debating about upper body (back/chest). My arms have not fully recovered from Tuesday's workout.

Interesting to read the Evolution website. Made several posts.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Interesting link:


Stopped by the coffeeshop on my way home. School's back!

Worked out yesterday for nearly two hours. Hit shoulders and arms. Followed by some intense cardio (step). So exhausted that I couldn't do any housework last night. We watched more episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho(sp?) Great show!

Feeling a little saddened today. Feeling's related to what I learned over at Forward Motion. Apparenty I put more emotional investment into the website than I thought.

But I'm moving on. I found the other site and will be taking a look at it.

Busy this morning. Also learning about the varied personalities and politics here. Fascinating.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Interesting. Was on chat over on Forward Motion and I asked a question on some members I haven't seen in a while. Check out this site when have a chance: http://pele.cx/~nonny/evolution/

Hrrr. After reading some of the blogs out there, I wonder if I should consider placing certain (semi)regular stuff on mine. I'm thinking jokes, interesting websites, etc.

Ah! Since my site's named "Words and Weights", I'll start copying and pasting writing (and reading)-related stuff and stuff on fitness. I've got plenty of both (though, of course, most--especially the links--are on my home PC.)

I love reading other blogs. Right now I just read the ones over at Forward Motion. I've thought about finding others or searching the ones found on Blogger.com, but I think Forward Motion has enough to keep me occupied for months to come.

Hmmm. I should see if I can find blogs of "family" or role-players (of the paper and pencil variety.) Oh! And fitness freaks as well. Those--plus writing--are my current interests.

Ack! We're out of coffee at the office. And this is the first time I had not made and drunk coffee at home. Grrr. The candy bar is a poor substitute.

Schedule for today:

Employee: work 0800-1700.

Entrepreneur: mail out customer's order: 1330-1430.

Fitness: shoulders, arms, followed by a step class: 1730-1930.

Housework: clean up house. Look for IDS stuff as well: 2030-2200.

Personal: I'm going to try to get to bed by 2200 to (hopefully) be asleep no later than 2300. I'd prefer earlier, but have too much stuff today. Ugh.

Re: weekend.

Fair amount happened over the holiday:


Labor Day. Spouse had to work. I woke and ate at Islands restaurant. Learned from my server why the TV show, OC, is filmed in Hermosa Beach: the unions stipulate that the producers must pay for everyone's hotel stay if the show's filmed on locations beyond 30 miles of L.A. Yow!

Bought new ink for my color printer. Found a neat device to charge (and, eventually, sync) my PDA with my laptop. Spent the rest of the day at the coffeeshop. Did foodshop for the week. After partner wrapped a package, we had dinner at Johnny Rebs.


Worked out at 0815. Good, hard class. Ate at Cheesecake Factory. Checked out hobby store for any interesting new supplements but nothing. Spent rest of day at coffeeshop. Spouse home a little earlier. Dinner at Japanese restaurant.


Drove down to San Diego to attend J.V. Jones booksigning at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.

Real interesting woman. She and I chatted considerably before her signing. She planned to drive up to San Fran that evening to visit a friend. I reacted in horror, of course: the drive's over ten hours from San Diego and it's a holiday weekend.

Ms Jones ("J.V." stands for Julie Victoria) started her signing by discussing the cover art on the American edition of her latest book. She mentioned why there was a lag between the first and second book of her series (which will be five books total.) She told the story of how she learned to shoot a bow (with interesting reactions from one of the world's best archers.) She discussed the Brit's reaction to her accent and her origins from Liverpool.

She read a section from her latest book (including imitating the "crouchy old man" voice.) She fielded question on cultural anthropology, her writing habits, and "hurting" characters. When finished, she signed books, forgetting to sign one of mine! :)

I bought a couple of new supplements from the hobby store nearby and over a hundred dollars

worth of new stuff from Mysterious (including a pen that lights up.)

Drove to my sister's place. Parents and aunt were sleeping (and, thankfully, the dogs as well.) Jan baked some nice cakes and complained about my feet. Parents and aunt woke up and we chatted until Jocie arrived. Drove out to a Thai restaurant. I found the food quite Americanized. We then drove out to visit Heather at her new place. Over 4200 square feet! Yow! She's currently living with her beau and her brother (who, like his sister, is a looker.)

Drove home that night arriving around midnight. Spouse there from on-call rotation.

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