Words, Weights, Whatever

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Picked up my car yesterday. Ack! Error light still on and--worse--no A/C! I was steaming all night.
Well, brought my car in bright and early in the morn. They apologized and repaired it. Yeah! And free, of course. They're nice guys.

Saw our new financial planner. Spouse is happy the way we're progressing. Lunch down at the Spectrum. Can you believe it? We actually got seated without waiting at the Cheesecake Factory down there. Yeah!

Found another rpg supplement in Barnes and Nobels. Yikes! I haven't had a chance to read over 90% of my stuff.

Didn't write yesterday. So upset over my car. Stupid me. But we had a great dinner.

Chat over at Forward Motion seems to be having probs. Will check later over the weekend.

This is interesting: FAQ on Fanfic. I'm not currently interested in writing in other people's universes. Wonder if people will be interested in writing in mine in the future....

Friday, September 12, 2003

Re: William Gibson and giving up blogging:

Interesting but a little odd to me. While I like to blog, it's definitely not writing (as in stories). He really must have wanted to get away/avoid writing a novel for a while.

Now, if we're talking about scheduling....

Thursday, September 11, 2003

While there's a lot to mention about work today, fitness, etc., I'm going to focus more of this...restless...I'm feeling at the moment.

For the past couple of week's I've been out of sorts. VERY unfocused. I only recently realized part of what it was: my energy levels are increasing. Sources: stabilized sleep schedule, exercise, change in diet, steady job, more coffee (from work....)

But I generate a lot of energy. Always have. And I haven't been focusing lately especially where I want to focus it. Writing. Working out (specifically, a better body). And housework.


The writing helped. Focusing. Well, I'm heading out to write. Later!

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Well, didn't do any weight-training at lunch. Instead, went home and fell asleep. And it's not work-related: by the time I'm at work at 0800, I've been awake for nearly two hours. At least I worked out (cardio) even though I had not planned to. Today was writing day. Skipped it. Grrr.

No weight-training. Instead, I ate lunch outside. And a major fat and carb-filled meal after 2200 yesterday. Not even the cardio session at 1900 lost enough fat to balance out those meals. Sigh. Gotta start watching (again!) what I eat.

My friend Greg asked me how my writing was going. I gave the standard excuse and we both knew it. Grrr. That's enough. Reviewing all my projects by week's end.

Very busy this morn. Finally slowed down in the afternoon. Switched over to more tech-writing projects afterwards.

On-call. Didn't get to mother's place until after 0130 (Wed) in the morning. Yikes! Later had to go in at 0400 Wed morning. Obviously very exhausted.

Visited Greg and Clark at The Center Orange County. Greg's okay: the lump's benign. We chatted a lot about books and if we won Wednesday's lotto. Also called back John and Jim. Talked about their lives and children.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I am a planner. Love to schedule things. Accomplishing the items is a different story but I'm working on that.

I've been scheduling--in various mediums--my plans for September. But I have not yet posted them on the web. Since I look at my blogger daily, it would be smart to have it up. Such a schedule will remind me what I originally planned and be a constant reminder of what I had planned.

Starting today:
Tuesday, 090903

work 0800-1700 (which will be changing next week)
fitness 1330-1430 (legs)
write 1800-1930 (or 1930-2100)
visit friends 2100-2200
take out trash 2200

Wednesday, 091003

work 0800-1700
lunch out 1330-1430
fitness 1745-1845 (weights/cardio - interval step)
buy new shoes 1915-2015
check PO Box 2015
foodshop 2030-2115
housework 2130-2300

Thursday, 091103

work 0800-1700
fitness 1330-1430 (back)
write 1800-1930
housework 2000-2130

Friday, 091203

buy donuts 0730
work 0800-1700
fitness 1330-1430 (chest)
pick up comics 1730
pay bills 1900
write 2000-2359

Just checked out Holly Lisle's blogger (see Real Writer's...Bounce). She's very enthused about this s/w:


Looks intriguing. I may download it and give it a shot. At $69 for the full version, it's relatively cheap.

Personal & Writer:
Can it be? Can this restless feeling I've been experiencing for the past week be caused by lack of writing? Yeah!

How did I come to the above conclusion? Yesterday, as work winded down, I felt that restlessness again. I started to write using pencil and paper. The feeling began to disipate(sp?) I remember--after finishing--the same feeling after banging away on my laptop over the weekend.

Can it really be?

Spouse is on-call tonight :(

Disconcerting when you hear one of your friend's children threated their step-parent. Ugh.


Crashed asleep yesterday after I arrived home. Worked out afterwards (cardio only). Tough class. That, or I'm not really ready to work out after naps.

Monday, September 08, 2003



Personal & Spouse:
Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's. It's been a while. Major haul for me at the Wizard of the Coast. 70% off. Yeah!

Visited Bookman Too. Meet Sean, then Greg. Checked out DVD Planet. There are so much new stuff out that spouse went on an ordering spree when we got home. Stopped by Starbuck's before, though. School's back.

Added Comments to my blogger. Coolness! Now gotta add a counter....

Dinner at Marie Callendar. They revamped the place.

New ideas for sf. Hehehehe....


Personal & Spouse:
Hmmm. We drove down to meet our new financial planners and discovered they were not there. I left messages. My honey was very upset.

I really have to watch my temper around my spouse. It hurts. Wonder what's up with me lately?

Spent the day down in San Diego. Visited Mysterious Galaxy (of course), Prince and Pauper, then Hillcrest. Good haul this time.

Whew! Weather was humid. Worse, my car's having probs keeping cool. We're definitely goin' to have a new car by year's end.

Came up with cool new fantasy concept. What did happen to elves who went East? Hehehehe....

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Just added a Comment feature to my blogger. Cool. :)

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