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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Still around

I've been gone a while, haven't I.

No, it's not you. The few who continue to visit and, occasionally, send comments are all good. Sometimes too good: I feel sad when I see your I.P. addresses. Nope, the reason I haven't written more is me.

A common myth that people have about folks who, as I like to say, between jobs, is that they have all this time available to watch their kids/do some shopping/etc. Already a couple of family members have requested such duties from me as well as carting around family who either can't drive or, worse, hate to do so.

I have been busy but not enough to excuse me from writing. But I think you'll understand why I haven't been inclined to blog and why I'm writing this post.

I've been writing. Specifically, I've been honing my craft by writing posts for Autoblog. Ah, I see some heads nodding out there.

I can see some of you don't understand. Well, think about this post that you're reading or, for those who have their own blogs, about the time and effort on writing a post. Now make it ten times harder. Ten.

Consider you have to find a article that will interest reader or, better yet, have them comment. Read the article. Figure out a way to condense it. Write it, then the most important thing: edit it.

Yeah, that's right. Edit it. Make sure you know the difference between "it's" and "its". Make sure you know the difference between LA (the state) and L.A. (city).

Keep the wordcount down. Keep the paragraph short and sweet. Make sure, though, all the facts are accurate. Oh, and link to previous articles, willya? Don't know if there were previous articles? Well, search for them.

Easy, huh? It may be for some of you. I know at least one person who writes reviews on books constantly for Amazon and other websites. I've read them and he's good. However, I've seen his grammatical errors. Mispellings. Oh, and here's the kicker: he writes when he's finished with the book and when he wants to write about it.

Now try writing at least three posts a day. Three. (I actually have to write more.) Yeah, I get paid but it's minimum. I do this for love.

And the "L" word--for y'all--is why I'm writing this post.


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