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Friday, May 06, 2005

***Wednesday, Thursday duo***

Worked more on the plot of PD. Getting a feel for the main characters’ (MCs) motives.

Tried strength training followed by cardio (step) Thursday night. The former left me aching but with bigger muscles; I could have done the latter in my sleep. (But the instructor complimented me for my enthusiasm.)

Dealing with the contractors and their work. Don’t want to say much more except that I told R. that the beauty of the end result is marred by the process. Sigh.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

***Tuesday Thrills***

Worked more on the plot of PD.

Cardio followed by weight training. Either I'm getting stronger or the class(es) were not as tough as usual. (Exception: pushups. Ugh.)

Something magical happened yesterday. As I chatted with my friends CS and GAC over the book, Sellevision (consensus on the book: it was an okay read), I felt...happy. Not one of those giddy feelings you see sometimes among people (especially teens), but a contentment I haven't felt in a while.

Maybe it was the euphoria from the workout (see Weights above). Maybe I was still riding high from meeting many of my peers last Saturday after years of absence. Maybe it was the rush from my new book. But I do know, as I joked with the duo outside the parking lot, that I was there: in the moment, not worrying about my life or my emotions being in a different place.

What a rush or, in this case, not a rush.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

***Monday mulch***

Worked more on the plot for PD. The scenes flowed nicely together. However, I reached an impasse: after an orgy (really!), the main character (MC) arrived home and is now lying in bed (alone.) Now I'm debating where to go from here.

"A scene is to advance the plot or character." (paraphrase author Alex Sanchez and a host of others.)

Hit the gym yesterday at 1915. I wanted to attend a new class over at the Orange II gym but I would have had to rush to get there on time. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted a round of weight training in addition to cardio; I already take such a class Tuesday night.

The 1915 class, though, was tough enough. Not only the instructor pushed us but I got lost into the rhythm myself. This meant I didn't pace my breathing and grew winded, a sign that I still have not fully recovered from my cold.

Also, I got distracted by the well-toned, attractive, young (20-something) gym bunny (who was doing situps!) behind the plexiglass who kept oogling my classmates. Sigh.

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Progress continues in the house remodeling. All the major kitchen appliances are finished and the contractor's ready to demo the downstairs bathroom.

Monday, May 02, 2005

***Weekend Words****

Significant progress for the first time in weeks. I spent much of Sunday afternoon and evening working on a new project, codename: PD.

PD is unlike any of my prior projects, which are currently fantasies. (I'm currently working on at least three: PP, DT, and an unnamed third.) This new one is a mainstream novel chronicling the growing attraction of two former college friends. Set in modern San Diego, I'm already pulling my experiences as a past president of Asian groups; The Spouse's medical knowledge; and my gaming days in the role-playing game community. The mix should be different than anything I've read in this category. (I hope.)

Hit the gym Saturday morning for the first time in months. Reminder to self: have a cup of coffee before attending high energy/dancey step classes. Ugh. I still haven't fully recovered.

The Spouse had a brutal on-call schedule stretching from Thursday night until tonight. We won't see each other until Tuesday night due to last night's rush of sickies in the ER.

I finished the book, Sellevision, on Thursday night. Friday I just chilled.

Saturday morn I hit the gym, then returned home and caught up on my comic books. I joined R. that afternoon at the Renaissance faire. The weather over Irwindale was perfect: blue skies and cooling (but not too cool) breezes. And definitely more folks than our last visit a couple of weeks ago.

I watched a lot of the costumed folks as R. shopped the numerous booths. Then, at one of our regular stops, I spotted a diamond-encrusted, gorgeous puzzle ring. After trying it on and other rings, I said I'd purchase the expensive item. R. and the proprietor haggled briefly on the price while I mentally prepared for the bad news. Nope; the price was acceptable and I walked away wearing my babble, which is the first for me since visiting the fair regularly.

I joined friends later that evening to attend a b-day party. (R. couldn't make it due to being on-call.) What an amazing time. Virtually all of us hadn't seen each other for over five years since I stepped down as leader to an Asian group (which we first met.) I remarked with several folks how little we'd changed outwardly. I took lots of pics to show R. later. I would not get home until after midnight.

Sunday, after lunch, I drove down to a local JC to check out the Car Faire. Big mistake. There was a fully loaded LS being offered. Sigh. First the Jaguar, now this. I also checked out the monthly antique mart that day as well. Like last month, though, I arrived too late as the vendors prepared to close at 1400.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at one of my old haunts, a coffeeshop. I had been planning to write while R. was gone but, as usually, kept getting distracted. It took a while to start working on PD (see above) but finally started around 1600. And kept writing. And more writing. Ideas, characters, and words flowed for some time. Between these sessions I'd call R. to see how it was going. Then I'd return to the writing. I would not get home until after 2200.

What a weekend.

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