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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Status report

Hi, y'all,

Since it's been a while since I posted with any regularity, I thought I'd write what's the latest in my life at this time:

  • My family, overall, is doing fine. Parental figures have undergone job changes with Dad working for a new company while Mom continuing to find, work, and look for new jobs. (Don't ask. Mom's picky.) My sibling J. has her new baby daughter to join her 2 year old and, oh!, she's got a new job with a major medical firm. (We may even be working together. More details later.) My other siste J2 is getting married in November. In Hawaii. Yikes!
  • I'm playing role-playing games again! I joined a D & D campaign back in June and have participated in two games so far. Been loads of fun and I can't wait until my character becomes a god. Oops! TMI.
  • I'm resuming working out again. I had a physical a couple of months ago and confirmed what I already knew: I've gained weight and my cholesterol levels are high again. I also saw the dentist and am getting work on my teeth and gums as well.
  • I've been writing for Autoblog since January and have, at last count, over 800 posts on the automotive website so far. Why can I write so many for that site instead of my own personal one? Money, I hate to admit, is a big factor. Also, posting so many and so regularly burns me out daily. I'm hoping habitual writing here will help.
  • My fiction writing has been still since I started Autoblog. There's no question I will resume it. I'm looking at my weekly schedule to find time to carve out just to write.
  • Our informal reading group has been suffering somewhat due to fluctuations in our schedules. We're currently reading "On the Beach" by Neil Shute. My opinion so far: while the language is dated, the theme--impending death--is not. I can sympathize with the bland characters for the most part. Should have the book finished shortly.
  • I'm reaching a possible job change. Again. I started a new job at the bottom of the pay scale back in February and may finally see it going perm by month's end. But the work and the waiting finally burned my enthusiasm for the company. I interviewed for what appears to be an extremely high-paying job (high 40k-60k) a couple of weeks ago and may be attending the second interview later this week. There's pros and cons for both jobs which I'll discuss another time.
  • R.'s job has been extremely busy and on-call has been hellish.

That's it for right now. Hope y'all are doing well.

Follow up on Comic Con

Huh. The title of this post sounds like a blog. Should I rename Words, Weights, Whatever? Nah.

Well, it's been a while since I updated this blog whose fault squarely falls upon my not-so-broad shoulders. I had good intentions to resume regularly posting back on the 1st but failed to do so. Thus, here's another attempt at regularity (with or without fiber.)

We returned from Comic Con on July 23rd. We have mixed feelings about the annual event. On the one hand, we found a lot of kewl treasures: more stuff from Unshelved, free copy of Moon Knight issue #1 from the writer, etc.

But Wednesday's "Preview Night" proved a harbinger of how crowded CC would become over the next few days. Forget passing the Star Wars booths, for example. You'd have a better chance driving through L.A. freeway traffic during rush hour. And we agreed that Comic Con has less comics from the independents and newbies than prior shows, discovering more vendors selling toys and autographs than the product that started the convention. I hung out at the lone rpg booth than brave the crowds for slim pickings.

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