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Thursday, January 06, 2005

***There's a whole lot of shaken going on--NOT***

Awake in bed this morning when I felt it, then the entire room, shake. Huh, I thought. An earthquake. Still not moving, I waited until it finished a few seconds later. I reached over for the television remote and turned the boob-tube on. Took several channels to find the news: three small tremors based out in Fontana.

Ah, the perils of living in SoCal. Of more interest were the three storms that were to hit starting late tonight.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

***When the spouse's away....***

...I do nothing.

It's hard to break old habits. The Spouse (TS) is on-call for the rest of the week. I originally planned to get up early, take a 0600 cardio class, go to work, then do some writing and cleaning in the evening, all part of my resolutions. What have I accomplished so far to meet these goals? I've taken one evening cardio class on Monday. Oh, and taken out the trash. Otherwise, I come home, eat, collapse into a coma (read: nap), then surf the Internet until the wee hours in the morn.


Well, it's only the fifth day of the new year. Hmmm. What shall I do tonight?

Monday, January 03, 2005

***Issuing in 2005***

Both The Spouse (TS) and I issued in the new year with friends, most of whom hadn't seen us for a good year. One of our goals this year is to (re)establish our times to family and friends. We had already attended movies with one group of friends and a party (combo b-day/house warming) with another group last month. TS initially didn't want to go but, after attending, enjoyed the get-together. I'm already starting to write down a goal/project/To Do list for our social calendar (which falls on me. Like much of the housework. Sigh.

Year's end was not all full of good news. My brother-n-law's grandmother passed away before Xmas. And I donated my Dodge Neon to a non-profit organization. The latter invoked an interesting reaction from TS: tears. Apparently TS associated good times with the purple-colored car. We used it to drive to our weekend get-aways, plays, dinners, and many, many, social activities. And it was in that car that TS was a passenger and not the driver. Thus, tears flowed as we watched the tow truck wheel away the compact car and its 168k miles. There was a little fiasco afterwards that led us to see it one more time, but my first new car is now safely stowed. Later it will examined, all necessary repairs done, and be presented for purchase by new owners (with the proceeds to go to the charity.)

My new set of wheels is a 1998 Mazda 626, TS's old car. Though I've driven the green sedan many times in the past, it's quite different when you know this is your car. I've already adjusted the driver's seat and the mirrors to my liking. Next will be the radio station.

Right now the car's in the shop for safety inspection. I would get the car washed and detailed but the (needed) rains have dampened that idea. I should be picking up the car sometime tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, I'm driving a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am sedan, one of the cars I was actually looking at. How...ironic?

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