Words, Weights, Whatever

Thursday, September 28, 2006

From missing to being missed

When I was with Autoblog, I was a regular at the local

coffeeshop. Now that I have left, I've discovered I
not only miss spending those hours there, but the
employees missed me, too. Several tonight told me how
they'd look up at closing looking for me and suddenly
realize that I'm not there.

I remember distinctly that I wanted to travel after
high school. I wanted breath of experiences, not
depth. Start in one country, check out a few sites,
then travel to the next one that evening. Repeat in
next place. I realize I felt the same way with people.

Now I've discovered I'm most happy with a few familar
items: friends, places, books, etc. I haven't closed
myself to new experiences; I'm just not inclined to
seek them out like I used to. With such thoughts, I
now wonder if I'll be scared of change like I've seen
many adults when I was young. That, or go the opposite
direction and buy a convertible and find myself a 20
year old twink.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


One issue that all bloggers eventually face is what to

write about. It's not just a simple matter of that
day's post, but their blog in general. Is my blog
about my daily life? Thoughts? Emotions? Political
opinions? Or my favorite links? The issue is made
infinitely more difficult since blogs are public:
bloggers now look at each post if it'll attract
readers and even garner comments.

As a professional blogger, I'm hit by the above
question both personally and professional. When I
started Words, Weights, Whatever so many years ago, I
originally planned it to be a daily record of my life.
That way, whenever I needed to think about what I did
on a particular day, I'd just pull up my blog and read
about it. Well, as you long-time readers know, my
intentions and the reality are quite different.

I face the same challenge at work. It doesn't help I
literally trained in one of the biggest automotive
blogs on the Internet. I feel even more pressure to
produce posts that are unique that will attract
readers. The upper ups have given their suggestions
but I'm on my own a lot of times. The issue becomes
even more critical as I begin to develop a team who
look to me to give direction.

"To blog, or not to blog," is not a question for me,
but what to blog about. How do you choose what to post about?

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Culling the overwhelming one at a time

I went to sleep Sunday night with an near-overwhelmingsense of pressure. Sister's wedding. Birthdays I had forgotten or were coming up. Damn cough. Finances. Housework. Staffing my department. I could feel almost a weight on my soul(?) as I tried to get some shut eye.

Thankfully, I'm an adult now and I'm not dieting.

Bit by bit I resolved the issues. Found a travel
agent. Contacted my ISP. Checked the mail. Arranged my
role-playing game schedule with familial obligations.
I could feel a bit of me each time lighten as I took
care of an issue.

They say most relationships break up because the couple can't deal with life's little things. Goes to show it's back to the individuals to deal with their issues first before tackling bigger stuff.

"Carpe Diem"
(Seize the Day),

Monday, September 25, 2006

First fun/work weekend

R. and I decided to divide our weekends into two

parts. We designated Saturdays for our "fun" day while
Sundays were set aside for work such chores. This
weekend we finally started the new goal.

After some routine maintenance on our hybrid on
Saturday, we drove out to the valley to celebrate Rosh
Hashanah. Boy, did I eat way too much. We planned to
hit West Hollywood afterwards but were too pooped out
to do so.

Sunday we actually woke up early enough to make a
brunch before rush hour (i.e., after 11 AM). Thrilled
that we still had some daylight, we visited the Equal
Writes bookstore in Long Beach to get our weekly
bookstore fix. Afternoon and evening were
spent--finally--on housework: while R. restarted on
our business, I did plenty of housework. Whew!

"Carpe Diem"
(Seize the Day),

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