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Friday, September 15, 2006

Feeling the other side's green (or has better health benefits)

At lunch, I called up my sister who's currently training for Kaiser. I, too, had interviewed for a position at the medical group and received a job offer. But by then I had accepted my current job and Kaiser wouldn't raise its rate to my minimum.

I now wonder if I had made a mistake. My sister seems so excited about the position. Yeah, she's concerned about certain aspects of it but it sounds like a wonderful opportunity, an opportunity I let go.

I know better. I know there's no such thing as the "perfect" job or, heck, even a stable one these days. That, and other factors such as driving, duties, and personnel, ultimately led me to take my current job. We both know the next few years won't be easy for her and her family. However, once the positions finished, she'll be in a great position to make some serious money.

Is it jealousy for her good fortune? Is the grass being greener mean, to me, more greenbacks?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Help me blog!

I'll be honest here and state I don't know what to post about. Do I discuss how I'm enjoying my work? My co-workers? My raging hormones (poor, sore spouse)? My perpetual cough from the cold two weeks ago? Real bad acne? Or my dreams?

With few exceptions, people are not monochromatic figures. Everyone has something interesting about themselves. Most people are more than willing to discuss their idiosyncrasies if they notice you're a sincere listener.

I love to listen to people. However, I want to share myself just like them. That's the advantage of blogs: y'all are listening. Today, though, I don't know what to share.

So I'm opening up the comments. What do you enjoying reading in my blog? I'm not promising I'll cater to your taste but know that you'll be helping a poor soul get focused.

I'm considering the following topics:

  • Adventures at the coffeeshop (which have been few and far between of late).
  • Leaving Autoblog and Autoblog Green: Good, bad, and ugly.
  • Staying late at work and why I enjoy it (and I'm sane).
  • Role-playing games. The obsession reborn.
  • What I really thing of the bloggers in my blogroll. (Break out the stakes.)
  • How to gain weight and have an excuse for each pound.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Starting off from Las Vegas

As previously posted, we visited my parents in Las Vegas over the weekend.

You need to know something. I don't care a wit about the city. I don't drink or gamble. We checked out the new Wynn hotel and discovered it was similar to the Mirage. Later we figured out the owners of the latter owned the Wynn so the similarities were not surprising. When we visit Las Vegas, we checked out the book stores like Albion.

Normally I'm the only one who doesn't enjoy Las Vegas. This time, though, the spouse felt the same. "There's nothing new," R. complained. We had just walked the Strip and had stopped at a Starbucks for some refreshing drinks.

Actually, there were some new things: more beggars and more drunk teens. Neither were attractive sights.

But we didn't dwell on all this negativity. We, instead, planned our next trip to Sin City: plays, shows, and checking out even more bookstores. I even relented and said R. could spend some hard-earned cash on gambling.

The mood took both of us. We now have plans to try out new restaurants, plays, and conventions. We may even entertain in our house (though R. put up a brave smile at that suggestion). Satisfied and more than a little high from our iced drinks, we headed back to the parents' place around midnight.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Never forget

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Back from Sin City.


Will update tomorrow.


I will.


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