Words, Weights, Whatever

Friday, February 11, 2005

***Progress of a thousand things begins with a single word....***

I can't think of any major thoughts to expand on today so I decided to note the "little things" that have absorbed my interests these past few weeks; specifically, what's been happening with each one:

  • I caught a cold last week and the symptoms manifested last Thursday. Fortunately, this year's cold was relatively mild. That, or I started the Cold-EZ on time. I'm now feeling much better each day. All I'm suffering at the moment is a persistant cough. Unfortunately, that can take weeks to dissipate. Cough drops (now in strips), here I come.

  • I've culled all workouts this weeks. I hope to resume this Saturday. To keep in some semblance of fitness, I've been standing at work when I can and making frequent trips between the workplace's two facilities.

  • And it's a good thing: I've lost weight this year and want to at least keep my weight at 206 (a loss of 4 pounds from December) until I can hit the gym again. The cold, ironically, helped since I barely wanted any solid foods, preferring soups. But last night, though, I felt ravenous and consumed a goodly number of sweets. Huh. Maybe I am feeling better.

  • As long-time readers note, I don't get enough sleep time. (Nine would be optimal.) I've made a couple of minor changes to alleviate the problem. In the morning, I normally have a cup of coffee with my spouse. Now I've been returning to the bed to nap for 15-20 minutes before getting ready to work myself. I've discovered I feel much more refreshed when I finally arrive at work.

  • A little trick I recently read about coffee: drink small, frequent cups. This prevents the massive "crashes" after drinking a full mug which I can attest as a hypoglycemic. I crash now far less frequently. (And for those advocate cutting off coffee: NEVER.)

  • House remodeling continues. Looks like the contractor has installed our new kitchens venting system yesterday. I can't imagine the work that must have involved since he had to build one from scratch.

  • We've chosen the company to not only build our kitchen and bathroom countertops, but to tile as well. Unfortunately, the company's owner cheerfully thinks like the spouse in decorating. Uh, oh. I see our funds draining....

  • My writing's still stalled. Worse, everyone I've told I'm writing is asking me about the project. Sigh. I've better get writing: can't disappoint those folks. I am writing more regularly in my blog, though. Hmmm. Spouse is on-call this weekend. Maybe I can get in a few hours of playing with words after the workouts.

  • My reading has suffered the same thing as my writing. Aargh! Must...read...one chapter...before...going to bed.... But I'm picking up on my comics again.

  • I am, though, still continuing to read about cars. As I do so, I realize that my decision regardin the Pontiac G6 had been correct: it's the best overall car for me and the wait will be even better as the more powerful version (with the 240 horsepower engine) and the coupe versions are released later this year. But the Buick Lacrosse continues to tantalize with its luxury and the even more powerful and luxurious Lucerne is now appearing in the news. Damn! Why'd the American car manufactures releasing so many kewl vehicles when I can't buy them yet?

  • Still at my current (temp) assignment. I've become aware (and made aware) of certain opportunities, though, which have mulled up a good (but dull) job. I've discussed the issue with The Spouse who, practical as always, said just to submit my resumes. Decisions, decisions. Well, at least I do have the opp to do so.

  • Except for my friends G and C, I haven't spoken to any other friends or even family members this week.

  • Evenings have been spent watching anime. While I enjoy the current shows, I asked The Spouse just for an evening of quiet time which we spent in front of our computers surfing the Internet (of course.) Hmmm. Maybe we can try a new restaurant this weekend from the Entertainment Guide.

  • That's a wrap....

Thursday, February 10, 2005

***If Patience is a virtue, I'd strangle it***

I'm not a patient person. I was jittery, anxious-prone, and spastic long before I discovered caffeine. And events for the past few weeks have not made it any easier:

Contractor has returned my phone calls over the past two days. Aargh!

Bank didn't return my phone call same day. Aargh!

My spouse is on-call for an evening. Aargh!

Why haven't I lost another pound in a week. Aargh!

My novel's still work instead of writing itself. Aargh!

I want a new car now. And will all the features of a top-of-the line luxury car but at econocar prices. Why doesn't the industry build such a thing. Aargh!

Have I finally succumbed to "Internet speed"? That is, expecting the real-world around me to respond the same way I send out (and receive) e-mails or webpages download on a DSL line? Right now I want to lash out, smacking down those obstacles holding me back like the necessity of a good night's rest, reigning in debt, "maturity", and other roadblocks.

Patience is so over-rated. I'm so glad I'm regressing back to that hormone-hell that was my teenage years. There I feel so...alive: unsure, ego-centric, selfish, "why can't the world understand me?" Now I understand why so many folks my age (and older) look back at their teenage years with such longing. One didn't have to (more specifically, didn't listen or especially care) concern themselves about such irritants such as lovers, children, family, or even friends. What do they know about my needs? Selfish bastards. Always wanting a piece of me: my time, my money, my attention to their whining, pathetic lives.

Is this a mid-life crisis?

Whew. Rant over. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

***Soured by sickness***

I should have known the sore throat Thursday morn was not due to allergies. But I kept an eye on it all day and through Friday with continued hope. But that evening pretty much confirmed it: I had caught the cold.

Saturday we checked out tiles after a very filling breakfast. We spent the rest of the evening watching anime. Same pretty much on Sunday. I tried to enjoy myself despite worsening from the cold. Fortunately I had realized it early enough to start treating it with Cold-EZ(tm). Thus, by Sunday night I wasn't in dire straits like I usually am from colds. I decided, though, not to take chances. I called in sick yesterday and rested much of the morning and evening. I did muster enough energy for the afternoon to run some chores: dropping off clothes at the drycleaners and payment of bills. We spent the evening, of course, watching anime.

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