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Friday, July 29, 2005

***Movin' on***

Today was the last day at work.

Normally I'm suppose to be at work at 0700. I finally rolled in after 0800. Many of my co-workers had the same idea because none of them were in yet.

I thought it would be a casual morning. I would get my coffee and breakfast bagel and read job opps I had printed out a few days ago. Wrong. There was a message from HR who asked if I could assist them. I did, of course. Ultimately I'm a professional and, more importantly, a nice guy. HR was just doing its job. Besides, they were genuinely upset with this turn of events as well.

When I finished the work, I discovered there had been a feast waiting in the cafeteria. Bagels, muffins, fruits, quiches, and other delectables had been laid out that morn. Unfortunately, I had not known and was too full from my breakfast bagel to eat more than two full platefulls of the last meal.

Comraderie was the activity for the morning. As the HR Director later commented, we we constantly laughing and joking as our last hours rapidly approached. What else could there be? Most of us had determined our plans or--for a few lucky folks--had already found work. And we knew the layoff had not been caused by us or even our management.

Thus with this attitude did we enter the meeting room around 1000 for our debriefing. The GM gave his words (including the fact he would be leaving shortly as well as he finished the transition) and HR had us complete forms and give our final checks. And gifts such as portfolio binders, leather computer bags and scrubs(!) were offered as well.

I quickly left after we were dismissed. I completed my last paperwork and turned in my keys. I shook hands and gave hugs to those who would be staying. I called R. With scarcely a backward glance I drove off. My last thought? Would I be too early to the gym today?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

***Cut off my arms***

They took our computers.

I noticed the foreshadow when one of my co-workers came to my cubicle and asked to use my computer to check her e-mail. She explained that her desktop (sans monitor) had been taken, to be shipped to corporate office on the other side of the country. I said go ahead as I field calls from The Spouse and consulting firm. (Three possible jobs, baby, with two highly viable. Wish me luck.)

My co-workers and I last week made arrangements to lunch together before our jobs ended. We chose today since many folks had no plans to be around Friday. So we car-pooled to a nearby Chinese buffet restaurant. It was my first time there; to many of my co-workers, though, it was there second. The first time they had eaten there was to celebrate another member leaving for a new opportunity. (He had given notice before our department had been cut.)

We then came back to work. And my computer was gone.

I had prepared. I knew they planned to take my machine next. I had backed up all important data. But the effect was still crippling. I couldn't work, I couldn't surf, I couldn't communicate. A vital part of me: of the hardworking Joel had been removed, leaving a mobile shell which joined others similarly crippled.

They better let us leave early tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


A bit behind here.

Last Saturday my parents visited my sister up in the Inland Empire. R. was gone for the day so I drove up in the late morning just as my parents arrived from Las Vegas.

Sunday the Spouse returned and we enjoyed time together over Indian food and chores.

This Monday was the beginning of my last week at work. I kept myself quite busy updating resumes and finding job opps. The cardio workout that evening illustrated how far I had fallen since stopping all fitness efforts for the past few weeks. Tuesday’s (yesterday’s) workout felt the same way.

Monday, July 25, 2005

***Snippets after the Shock (of job loss)***

Last Monday’s news left me intensely curious when I returned to work the following day. My co-workers gave me the low down then left me alone to process the sudden shift.

I didn’t really feel much concern for the issue, though, even on Monday. I’ve been through such cuts (though not this rapid!) in the past. Besides, more pressing matters emerged.

I can’t go into detail since it involves family which, unless I have specific permission, rarely discuss in my posts. But I can say I received that piece of news on Monday as well and it threw all emotions about my job out the window. That’s one of those mixed blessing thingies about being an adult: you have too much perspective over which disaster is truly the worse.

The Spouse and I dealt with the family crisis from Tuesday through Friday. Saturday I joined my own family. My parents were visiting and I hadn’t seen my sib’s family for a while. I found it an enjoyable time though I wished they’d lower their A/C. It’s uncharacteristically humid right now in SoCal.

I attempted to do some writing last week and over the weekend but no go. So I did the next best thing and worked on the outline. The Muse was generous and I figured out the major motivations of the characters and several directions to take certain plot and sub-plot lines. But overall, I felt gloomy last week and the weekend. I know I finally had it when I started to vent at The Spouse’s usually little idiosyncrasies. But the spat grew into nothing and peace was restored.

I will make this week much better.

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