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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Random for the day

The Sixth Sigma

I remember encountering this 'management philosophy' last year while searching for work. Is this another trend?

Friday, April 02, 2004

It was announced

It's Friday! Gonna write tonight. Yeah!

Speaking in a zombie voice:

"Food. I. WANT. FOOD.

My manager notified the Sales department of my imminent departure. All of them understood my reasoning. Sigh. I will miss them (but not the job.)

Haven't heard from any of the companies I had mailed my resumes. I'll give them a month before following up on them. I did contact one temp agency whose ad requested such a call and they haven't called me back of course. Shrug. It is Friday.

Weekend plans currently include sleeping in; (possibly) working out (cardio, of course); quality time with spouse as we eat out, read, and watch DVDs together (or--gasp!--go to the theater!); process a book order; write; and read. Oh, and maybe some housework. Got to get that suit ready for all those interviews (smirk.)

Random for the day

My no. 1st Blog

I remember when I thought this way. I then discovered life and writing are far harder than imaginable.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Latest and greatest...

Hmmm. Muse seems to have stilled regarding my outline. Now I'm debating about work on the WIP itself. I'll start tomorrow evening on both. Maybe one will 'jumpstart' the other.

Started another book. Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. Concurrent with The Lightless Kingdom by Wylie. Both are interesting studies to what appeals to me; the former has polished writing while the latter draws me for pace and mystery despite its roughness.

First Thursday I missed a workout. Have to determine what's to replace the cardio class.

Got the latest Naruto DVD. Watched last night. Whew! Put Inuyasha on hold: Naruto rocks!

Today. Oh, cute. For an April's Fool gag, the upper ups at work installed a working camera surveying the Sales department. Eek.

Submitted a couple of resumes while receiving literally overnight a rejection for another one. Fascinating what opps are out there. In some ways I enjoy looking for a new job. So many opportunities. The feeling, of course, only last until I noticed the funds continue to fall. Or when I start to pay full price again for my meds. Then ack!

Wow! Thunder and lightning tonight. Coolness.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Nothing on the outline at the moment. But that's okay. Though I know the ending I've yet to fully tie all the plot and subplot lines together in an interesting way. Hmmm. What if...?

I am spending more time job hunting, though. And that means resume stuff. This time I'm customizing more than in the past.

Step cardio three days in a row? No wonder my appetite's increased. That is, when I'm not a work (see below.)
On Tuesday I attended a "how to be a fitness instructor" intro class at Ballys. Very informative. I'm ruminating if this is a possible path to follow for a while.

Met my possible successor at work today. I hope so. Daily I wish not to be at work even on a quiet day. How many more days until the 13th?

Monday, March 29, 2004


With R. on-call during the day all weekend, I was left to my own devices. So...

Outlined 84 scenes so far for my current work-in-progress (WIP). Averaging 4-5 pages a scene, that roughly translates to 336 to 420 pages. I'm now approaching the climax: does the MC allow the gods to return to world or not? If so, how does he do it? My muse is temporarily stuck at one scene but I'm confident I'll find the solution. A more pressing question is: do I go ahead and start writing the scenes now or continue to work on the outline?

Still continuing to read The Lightless Kingdom by Jonathan Wylie.

Worked out on Sunday for the first time. Though my favorite instructor was out recovering from surgery, her sub did a pretty good job (though I didn't like the music.)

Still considering becoming an instructor. Class introducing the profession being held this week at the Tustin gym. Gonna give it a shot.

Spent a significant amount of time Saturday visiting my sister and her new son. On Sunday, R. and I finished Now and Then, Here and There. Very satisfying though painful to watch. And timely: I had read an article recently on how children (pre-teens and early teens) survived being forced to be soldiers* in Africa and other war-torn parts of the world.

* This includes being kidnapped; watching kin killed; killing their own kin or deserters--who are also children; surviving rape by officers and fellow soldiers; surviving giving birth (if female) to their own children; handling beatings; etc.

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