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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Random for the Day

Not my cup of tea (as the cliche goes), but for those who are more politically bent...

Musings of An Independent Idaho Mind


Quickie entry, that is. Spoke with Dad. Mom's fine and resting. She had the angioplasty and hopefully will be returning home tomorrow.

My preggie sister saw the doctor yesterday. Said that she's begun to dilate which means that her due dates before the original date of March 19th. Yow!

Attended the first day of Con Dor which I'll follow up later with a much more detailed entry. Great piece of news: I met my friend Jefferson ("Jeff-Jeff") there. He had dropped out of sights months ago and I was glad to discover he was still around.


Friday, February 27, 2004

Random for the day

Ryan Boz Online

Looks more like an advertisement/promotion than a blog to me.

RIP, my PC and more interesting news

Nada. I'm still trying to figure out a books to start reading for pleasure. When did writing* become some a chore? Definitely changing in the next few days (see below).

Cardio today. And I figured out three-fourths of the moves. Yeah! However, my weight has stabilized at 206. That, too, like my writing, is going to change.

First, thanks for all the well-wishers regarding my mom. She's transferring to a hospital tomorrow and will receive the angioplasty procedure (not operation) sometime that day. They'll then keep her in the hospital for observation for a couple of days before releasing her.

Continuing with the family theme, my preggie sister's due to give birth to her first child in mid-March. She's nervous, of course. And our youngest sister passed her real estate license test. Yeah!

Work was busy. For the first time since working there, I actually had to leave some work undone for Monday. (I took Friday off for ConDor and--importantly--quality time with a very frazzled and tired spouse.)

My desktop computer of five years just died tonight**. Though I think it's the fan again (I replaced the original a couple of years ago), we've been discussing purchasing a replacement for the past couple of years. I've narrowed my choices to two, both generics from Compusa and Microcenter. Unlike the past, I'm not looking for the latest and greatest; this time, I'm more interested in peripherals such as CD-RW and DVD-ROM. I may be coming home some time this weekend with a new machine. Hmmm. Are there any sales out there...?

*I partially believe it's the intent to get published. But that's a thought for another day.

**I'm writing this entry on my laptop.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Ah, yes. Taxes

Busy day yesterday compounded by having to wake and work an early shift (0700-1600). But we were able to make it to our accountant just before the rains hit.

Still have some paperwork to send to complete everything. But I'm not paying for the first time. Yeah! Unfortunately, it's due to my lowered salary.

Massive dinner in the evening. Thai food, of course. Chilled the rest of the evening.

Oh! Got a call from one of my sisters at work. Mom's back in the hospital for chest pains. Ugh. Spoke with Dad who's a bit frazzled but holding on. Looks like the docs are finally going to schedule the angioplasty.

Whew! Rain's coming down hard now...

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

From the Random

I've been trying to do something new. As part of my regular regime, I check the Random Blog (see side bar) for interesting sites. I'm going to start posting them in a kinda "guest spot" those blogs I find interesting at the time.

And the first one is:

a SPelled IZ cAst

NOTE: Music automatically starts on this site.

I totally got lost reading the latest entry of this blog. I think it was angsty. But it was in English (sorta) and I liked the music playing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Money, money, money, so much money, it's a rich man's world*

We spent yesterday evening working on our personal and business taxes . That meant no writing or working out.

Our fault, actually. Every year we procrastinate. And it was worse this year. Most of the statements I needed were missing. Fortunately, our bank had placed e-copies of them on the Web. Select the ones desired and--bam!--download as a PDF. Love modern technology (though there may be an associated fee...) But despite the technology, we were not able to finish due to human 'interference' (i.e., how we file--or don't--the costs of our stock.)

We'll have to finish by tonight so I can e-mail the files to our accountant for our Wednesday meeting. Sigh. Another item (our prep process, not our accountant) to put down on "To Be Improved by next year list".

*by ABBA if you're old enough to remember

Monday, February 23, 2004

I liked the weekend.

While R. worked on paperwork, I surfed the Internet, prepped more stuff for taxes, and even worked on my WIP (though more background stuff than anything else.) Oh! I started everything, though, by chatting with my sister and her upcoming birth of her first child. Apparently their used crib broke and they were besides themselves. I spoke with R. and decided to send some funds to help them offset the cost for a new one. Later that day I wished my nephew (from my brother-n-law's first marriage) a happy b-day.

We'll be attending ConDor this weekend. Thus, we checked out the local bookstores to find any good books but found nothing. We tried a new place to eat: the Tustin Rib company. The food was not bad and we were stuffed when we left.

We watched the last OVA for Rurouni Kenshin. Wow. R. broke down into tears at the realistic ending of the series. I took a different view: thought it very-Japanese (and realistic).

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