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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Daze in my Life

Something a little different from Random of the Day or Beyond the Blog....

A while back I posted the concept of "Why is it here" where I discuss each link on my sidebar and why it's on my blog. I received good feedback on the idea so, without further adieu, here's the first batch from Blogs I read:

51313 Harbor Street
This is the second time I added this blog to my Blogs I read. I discovered the first version over at Forward Motion. I liked the blogger's (near) daily entries about his life and the comments of the regulars (whose names escape me at this time.)

Then...certain events...occured in the blogger's life and the site contents changed. Nothing wrong with that but I didn't find the new material interesting. So I dropped the blog. Then, some time in July, I chanced upon this...intense...entry.

I made my comments. The blogger replied. The contents changed, a mix of interests (photos, poems, quotes, etc.) and the personal. (Not from my doing, mind you.) I became interested again and linked the heavily revamped second version blog as one of my regular reads.

A recent edition. A friend and fellow blogger told me about this blog and I had meant to look at it a while. I then discovered she was on Tribe.net and sent her an invite to join my Friends. Never heard from her so I assumed she wasn't interested. She finally contacted me (which is a funny story involving my blog, my friend's blog, and "stalking") during some...probs...over at our Tribe. She asked if I'd be her Friend; we then discovered she never had received my invite. She was horrified but I reassured her that I was definitely interested (especially after reading the now infamous "V" post on her blog.)

I discovered Alan's blog, like many here, on Forward Motion. It's gone through at least two incarnations. I like this blog because of shared interest: not only does Alan write, but he works out, and posts interesting opinions (which nearly match my own. Birds of a feather....)

angelheaded hipster
Having only added this blog in the past couple of months, it's still fairly new. I "met" the blogger over at Tribe. We communicated via e-mail for a while before I finally added his blog to my links during a recent template change. His blog's interesting because he seemingly incorporates two blogs (SIDEBLOG and the sweetest tongue) into one.

Answer me this...
Many of the blogs I read regularly come from two major sources: Forward Motion and Tribe. Answer me this is from latter. I created a link to it because the blogger posts what is happening in his life on a daily basis: it's very "diary" (with dialogue!) which are always interesting reads.

I also think the blogger's cute. Who says men aren't superficial?

I don't know if I'll continue with this type of post. Opinions?

Friday, September 03, 2004

It's all about...well...me!

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Short entry today (for me, that is).

Madonna sang, "get into groove, baby" and that's how I felt today about work. Enough busy stuff to keep me from getting bored and, better yet, more accepting co-workers. Will miss this feeling when the assignment ends next Tuesday. (But no work next Wednesday. Yeah!)

Oh! Partially due to boredom and partially to get out of the building, I decided not to wait until tomorrow and ate out today. Not a good thing: I can feel my weight increasing. Maybe I should stop ordering fried california rolls.

Spent a lot of time on-line during breaks at work and when I got home. Increased the number of links on this blog and over at Tribe.net. (Called friends.) Added truefresco. And made a slight change on how the posts are shown on all three blogs. Otherwise, ate and read. Ah, paradise.


Work was busy but I had enough time during break and lunch to look over old posts of my blog. Did I really write this on my relationship?

I'm currently riding one of the crests in my life. As is my manner, I'm considering my future goals to strive by year's end, next year, five and ten years. There are a lot and, like I did in the past, I'll be using this blog to assist me in achieving them.

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Not much more tonight. Later!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Beyond the Blog

Top down on a hot day.
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See what happens when you're on the run to take a run....

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Monday and Tuesday's latest and greatest:


Hrrr. I woke up way too early. (Reminder to self: no coffee after 1800.) R. had the same prob, too. Since we normally wake an hour later, I used the extra time to surf the Internet (of course) and pay some bills before getting ready for work.

As I stated in an earlier post, I'm currently workin another temp assignment for a local city hall. I had a lot of duties today so getting up early was a blessing. I arrived half hour early which was a good thing since it took several precious minutes to figure out the damned voice mail system. (Damn competitive market.)

Can't say much more about work except I've learned--again--the subtle differences working for the public sector versus the private sector. Kinda like the different between an S&M bar and and S&M dance club. (If you don't know the difference and are sober, I know some single folks who'd love to me ya.) I'll sum it up with a particular sentence uttered by one of my college teachers on contracting with the government: the government is king.

I followed up, during break, on a couple of job opps from last week. One fell through. Damn. However, the agency said another tech writing position was opening up down the line and if I was still interested. I said yes. Money is always good.

But the job opp I'm most keen is still in hiatus. Whew! I'm relieved. The company was planning to interview and hire someone by next week. Since I'm still on assignment, I would have little chance to interview. But according to the (different) agency handling the job opp, the company's still in relocation mode. I'm hoping they stay that way until next week.

Moving along...

I was starving when I got home. A cup of noodle soup, untoasted (strawberry) pop tarts, and a pastry just don't seem to hold me like they used to back in college. Nor four cups of bland coffee. Munched on a soy chicken burger (topped with soy cheese, of course) before hitting the gym for cardio twenty minutes later. See Forge. Afterwards did some shopping.

Note to self: never shop for food when feeling dehydrated.

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I've noted for some time now that I always fall asleep faster on a workout day. Unfortunately, I don't wake up as easily the next day. I basically crawled and drooled throughout the morn at work. Thankfully the cuties...er...my co-workers basically left me alone as I experienced the joys of sorting files. It wasn't until after lunch (and filled with california rolls) that I finally began to wake up and suffer anxiety attacks from dealing with processed tree pulp. Between the smell of manilla (folders, tha is,) I updated Way with a request of written submissions. (Good luck to whoever submits their works.) And I changed the template on Forge to match the other two. As I stated on the newly changed blog, it's the contents, not the appearance, that counts.

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(Hmmm. While browsing my own blog's archives during my second break in the day, I discovered this massive gap in 2003. Hmmm. Shall I try to fill it in with a future post?)

1800 finally rolled around and I finally got home to take a nice hour-long nap. Sweetie called and said would be home around 2130 which is quite early. I spent the rest of the evening being Mr. Mom since tomorrow's trash pick-up day. Oh! And read this last entry for Geoffrey. Thanks, Zionide, for your dedication!

Flashback. On August 10th, my friends C. and G. agreed to select a book, read it, then discuss it on a specific date. C. and G. have been discussing books read for years but this was the first time I joined in. The book was East of Eden by John Steinbeck, suggested by G. I picked up the book when I was down in San Diego to attend author Wil Wheaton's signing of his book, Just A Geek.

We were suppose to discuss the book tonight. Due to reading constraints (all of us are reading at least two books at this time,) we pushed the discussion date to September 7th. We should all be finished with East by then.

The next section is off topic. You may either skip past the italics section or end reading now. Otherwise...

Remember when I wrote (see here and here) "concerns" by folks over at Tribe.net that I asked too many questions? Well, I just read another nasty reply to one of my (on-topic) queries.

Unlike the prior times, though, the following replies (which included that tribe's moderator) were quite supportive, reminding people that questions are part of the tribe's purpose.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programing...

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Beyond the Blog

Cooking For Engineers

I got hungry reading this site...

Calif. Man's HIV Diagnosis Found Wrong


Monday, August 30, 2004

Weekend Words

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Time for a little catch-up:

R., due to being on-call, stayed up in the valley to continue paperwork . I woke leisurely and spent some time on-line updating my posts. (Threads at Tribe.net really plummet during the weekends.) Did some reading afterwards and caught up with my comic books. See Way for details. Later in the day I read Wizard. Some really cool titles coming out. (Damn. Now how do I allocate my spending money?)

Lunched out, of course, as my habit when spouse is gone. (We eat out when we're together as well, but that's a couple thingie. You know, quality time and all that jazz?) You know how you can automatically drive while (most of) your mind's on something else? That's what happened to me. I originally had planned to eat elsewhere but suddenly became aware I was at Romano's. I had a great meal (of course) and wonderful service but I need to focus on when I'm driving.

Returned home after picking up the clothes from the drycleaners. Napped, of course. R. and I briefly spoke with each other on the phone before I drove down and ensconced myself at the local coffeeshop. There, I created a new journal and wrote some really...intense...stuff (like 'I'll die of embarrassment/anger before I let anyone read this' kinda junk.)

Did a bit of housework when I got home. R. finally pulled in the garage around 2300. We surfed the Internet until the wee hours of Sunday, then cuddled in bed. Overall, a relaxin' day.


After a wonderful, intense, and sweaty session under the sheets (translation: I forgot to lower the A/C last night), I got up, made coffee (which is an interesting story in itself but spouse won't give me permission to post. Damnit) and we crawled to our respective computers for some serious on-line time. I finally, after reading TunaGirl's blog for the first time, updated the blogs I read into two parts: those I read daily and those I read when the mood strikes or Blogrolling says it's been updated. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

R. decide to forgo another working visit to work. After the contractor left, we grabbed a bite to eat at the Spectrum. Walked about to settle our full stomachs, enquired about the Canon A95 at a local camera shop, and browsed Barnes and Nibbles, of course. Basically, quality couple time with each other. (Which includes bumping into each other, quick pinches, and lots and lots of laughter.)

Evening was spent catching up on DVDs and more surf time where R. purchased more anime to (eventually) watch. (Our latest acquisition, Detective Conan, has over 400 episodes alone. Eek!)

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Beyond the Blog

**~**~welcome to PINKY BALL bloggy**~**~

Interesting from an aesthetic view....

Who links to me?